Why Now is the Time to Join the Booming Pet Food Industry with Pet Wants

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  • August 1 2023

Pet Wants, the only national provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers, has made a name for itself as a one-of-a-kind brand in the booming pet food market since being founded in 2010. Now, more and more savvy entrepreneurs are joining the Pet Wants’ brand as franchisees recognize the strength of the brand’s innovative business model, unique consumer offering and simplified operations.

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How The Pet Industry Has Exploded

“The U.S. was already a big pet-owning country, but the pandemic really accelerated that trend,” said Strategic Franchising Systems President Chris Seman. “We are also seeing a generational shift as more people prioritize the health and wellness of their families, and pets are an extension of that. We spend more money on pets than we do on any segment of the human population! It is a huge market, and there is an understanding that people want the best for their pets.”

The value of the pet industry in the U.S. will reach over $109 billion by the end of 2022 as consumers shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle. Over the past decade, the amount of money Americans spend on pets has more than doubled, and pet food and treats make up the biggest portion of the national pet food market at $42 billion annually.

“If you look at the pet food industry, there are several ways to look at food,” said Seman. “There is the premium option, with fresh chicken and vegetables, like meals out of a grocery store, and then there is the average kibble. With Pet Wants, we found that the average consumer isn’t willing to cook a meal for their pet every day, but they still want that nutrition and quality. So, we wanted to prioritize convenience, delivering nutritious pet food in easy packaging such as a kibble-based product. That means more pets will be exposed to higher nutritional foods.”

The Pet Wants brand’s pet food is made with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals, free from potentially harmful fillers, bad ingredient choices and animal byproducts that make other pet foods bad for four-legged friends. With Pet Wants, pet owners get all the benefits of fresh, nutrient-dense food and the convenience of home delivery — without any of the hassles.

“Other brands try to be everything for their customers, but at Pet Wants, we know our niche — nutrition and wellness,” said Seman. “That is why our inventory costs are lower than anyone else’s. We don’t compete with those massive retail stores. We have that specific inventory and that keeps margins high and allows franchisees to achieve profitability faster.”

The Pet Wants Franchise Network

Startup costs for a Pet Wants franchise range from $42,500 to $202,000, which is tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars less than big-box pet franchises. This is because Pet Wants franchisees can start with a mobile or event-based business and focus on acquiring subscription delivery customers and building connections with local pet parents in their first year. At the end of their first year, franchisees will add the launch of their retail pet store and grooming center that sells Pet Wants food, custom chews and treats, as well as supplements. This allows them to take advantage of dual revenue streams once they open their brick-and-mortar store: retail sales (both in-person and online through the brand’s eCommerce platform) and grooming services.

“We are the lowest-cost brick-and-mortar pet industry concept in the franchising world,” said Seman. “Low square footage, low inventory, low staffing, low fixed costs. That is a really big advantage.”

Incoming Pet Wants franchisees will also have access to a training and development curriculum that provides the tools to become an expert in the field of pet nutrition so they can offer more than just great products. The team’s expert knowledge will help franchisees establish credibility when they talk to prospective customers about their pets’ needs.

Now, with plans to have over 200 units open by 2024, the time has never been better for entrepreneurs to leverage the support of Pet Wants’ proven brand and scalable business model to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.



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