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What Are My Startup Costs?

Joining Pet Wants is a remarkably affordable way to own a potentially lucrative business in an explosive market

To help make getting into the pet food industry as affordable as possible, we offer a scalable franchise model with a mobile launch phase and a retail store model phase. The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a Pet Wants Franchise is from $131,500 to $202,500. New owners start with the mobile unit, then when they have a solid client base enter the second phase to launch their retail storefront and grooming model. Whether you choose to open in a smaller or larger retail market, the Pet Wants pet food franchise is a remarkably affordable business in a growing industry.

In 2019-2020, Americans spent $50 billion on pet food and treats [1] — and that number has been on the rise for the past couple of years. This is over one-third of the segment of the entire $95.7 billion pet care industry [2]. Yet, Pet Wants is the only opportunity that provides high quality, home delivery of pet foods made fresh from whole ingredients enriched with the vitamins and minerals pets need.

Imagine the opportunity to join a popular brand in a high-demand industry — just before that industry experiences a historic expansion. You can be the first to market with a popular product and bring healthy pet food to your community.

Pet Wants Mobile Unit and Trailer
Pet Wants Store Front

Given the huge potential for repeat business driven by our recurring delivery model, owning a Pet Wants franchise is the opportune investment in a growing industry that entrepreneurs are looking for.  Apply here to become the next Pet Wants franchise owner today!