What Experience Do I Need to Franchise?

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  • May 9 2024

Opening a business through a franchise can be a lot of work, so it’s worth asking what kind of experience you need for the investment. Even though franchises offer a model, the ultimate driver of that model is the franchise owner who possesses the skills and characteristics to run it.

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Skills for Future Franchise Owners

One of the most important skills for aspiring franchisees is management skills. Even business owners with a passion for the work itself still need to run the operations of the company, oversee marketing, hire and train employees, and delegate responsibilities. Management ability shows that you can work on the business, not get caught up in the business. Running a successful franchise means scaling your business, and that requires a lot of managerial oversight. Knowing how to manage effectively is a worthwhile experience for future franchise owners.

Another piece of experience that is valuable in franchising is leadership and interpersonal skills. In tandem with management skills, knowing how to lead other people and connect with employees, customers, and community members is crucial. Franchise owners are a part of a national brand, but they’re also part of a local area. This means it requires the ability to jumpstart a business through networking, creating the right culture, and creating amazing customer experiences. Whether it’s an employee or a neighbor, being able to work with people is a valuable part of the franchise business model.

The last skill that is helpful, but not necessary, is sales and marketing experience. What’s special about investing in a franchise is that you receive the coaching, lead generation, and support needed to start your business off strong, but some experience doesn’t hurt. Franchise owners who understand sales and marketing bring a unique value to their business on day one. 

Following the Franchise System

At the end of the day, franchising is mostly about being willing to follow a system. Those who invest in the model that their franchise brand gives them find the most success. It’s not that you can’t think outside the box, try unique strategies, or fit the audience of your community - those are fantastic ways to improve your business. But you need to follow the foundation of the franchise model, which the brand gives you through their specific process. If you have the drive to lead the way, you’ll pick up the skills and experience along the way. 

To help understand where your experience level is at, you might need to assess your current situation. At Pet Wants, we have three categories for our future franchisees:

1. First Time Business Owner: You are looking for an opportunity to start a franchise and grow a business for the first time.
2. Experienced Entrepreneur: You’ve worked as a small business owner, franchise operator, or other business leadership experience. 
3. Experience in Pet Services: You may or may not have experience in entrepreneurship, but you have experience working in the pet food and services industry.

No matter what category you fall into, you are qualified to jumpstart a franchise. If you’re interested in joining the momentum of Pet Wants as a franchise owner, don’t wait! Pet Wants is a thriving, passionate brand that helps communities have healthier and happier pets! Not to mention, the owners have the opportunity to build a profitable business they love. Connect with us today to learn more about our brand and how we help franchise owners take the next step in their business ownership journey. 




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