Medical Professionals Sign On To Bring Pet Wants to San Diego

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  • May 15 2024

After decades in the medical field, Peter and Tammy Gregg, a San Diego couple, have embarked on a new venture as franchisees of Pet Wants, a growing franchise brand dedicated to providing high-quality pet food. 

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A Life-Changing Decision

With Peter's 40-year career servicing medical equipment and Tammy's ongoing work in quality compliance within the medical device industry, the transition to pet nutrition was fueled by their passion for animals and a desire for community connection. But the initial path to Pet Wants began unexpectedly. 

"I've always had an itch to do my own entrepreneurial thing but never found the right path until Pet Wants,” said Peter. “A life-changing moment came when I suffered a cardiac arrest. I died for a minute, but they brought me back. It was a wake-up call that made me reassess my life's direction.”

When examining their passions, the Greggs knew the answer — their two “little monsters,” Otto and Maiai: “Our dogs have always been our passion, and that, combined with a desire for a deeper connection to our community in San Diego, propelled us towards franchising in the pet care industry,” said Peter.

Tammy added, "Peter's job required extensive travel, which limited our community engagement and time with our dogs. We wanted to help people and help animals at the same time. It was just the perfect intersection of everything."

Why Pet Wants?

After deciding on the pet food industry, the duo began their due diligence. Choosing Pet Wants was marked by careful consideration and alignment with their values. 

“We talked to a lot of brands, but Pet Wants felt right — their team guided us comfortably at our pace,” said Peter. “The simplicity of the operation, low investment and the proven business model. There is a positive environment within the company. It's like being part of a family.”

But, the Greggs say the true “a-ha” moment came when they tried (or rather, their pets tried) the Pet Wants food. “We were really customers of Pet Wants first-and-foremost,” said Peter. “The quality of the food is unmatched. That was the biggest factor in our decision.”

So, Peter and Tammy decided to dive in, signing on with Pet Wants late last year. 

“After accomplishing what we wanted to accomplish in our previous careers, we are excited to do something fun and rewarding,” said Tammy. “But we couldn’t do this alone, so being part of a franchise like Pet Wants ensures we have that autonomy to do what we want, but also have the support behind us.” 

Bringing Holistic Pet Nutrition to San Diego

Looking ahead, Peter and Tammy are enthusiastic about making a positive impact in San Diego, both for pets and their owners.

“San Diego is such a pet-centric community, but there is really an unmet need here,” said Tammy. “California is very focused on healthy eating, of course, but we don’t always do the same for our pets. There is a demand for holistic health and pet nutrition in our community and we are happy to become the faces of Pet Wants here.” 

Pet Wants seeks experienced and passionate franchisees like the Greggs in markets across the U.S., targeting Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Texas and Arizona. The franchise offers a flexible and scalable business model, coupled with extensive training and support, allowing franchisees to thrive and make a meaningful impact in their communities.




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