How Pet Wants Leads the Pack with Proprietary Formulas and Innovative Products

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  • June 18 2024

Pet Wants, the leading pet food and nutrition franchise, has established itself as a trailblazer in the pet industry, setting itself apart with its commitment to high-quality ingredients, proprietary formulas, meticulous manufacturing processes and innovative product offerings. Now, with new in-demand products like freeze-dried dog food being rolled out across the country, Pet Wants is providing franchisees with a significant advantage over competitors. 

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The Pet Wants Difference

Jeff Rachu, manager of nutrition programs at Pet Wants, brings more than 30 years of experience in the pet industry and a master's certification in canine and feline nutrition. He says Pet Wants' commitment to quality all starts in the food production process. 

“There are two important aspects of pet food: the ingredients that are used and the way the product is stored,” said Rachu. “With Pet Wants, everything comes to us specifically. We know the ingredients, we know the temperature the food is cooked at, we know how the food is stored — it's all controlled.”

Pet Wants boasts seven proprietary formulas of dog food, including chicken, lamb, turkey, white fish and salmon, as well as senior and puppy options. The brand also offers fresh cat food options, including adult cat, lean cat and kitten formulas.

All Pet Wants food is prepared at low temperatures and is typically delivered to customers within weeks, not months. This process, combined with the high-quality ingredients, results in a product that's far more nutritious and fresher than what's typically available. Pet Wants’ pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Pet food nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages.” 

“We’ve worked with our manufacturer to develop these formulas with input from nutritionists, veterinarians, formulation experts and more,” said Rachu. “Following guidelines, we make sure we use the highest quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals to ensure it is the best possible food on the market. Every ingredient has a purpose — there are no fillers.”

Pet Wants works with a long-time manufacturing partner that has never had a recall, Rachu notes, and takes safety very seriously. “Every raw material gets tested, standards must be met and samples are taken from production runs and tested in third-party laboratories for diseases,” he said.

And instead of manufacturing tons of kibble at once, Pet Wants manufactures food every six to eight weeks and ships the optimal amount of food directly to franchise owners to maintain freshness. This level of quality ensures franchise owners all across the country can stand out as experts in pet health and wellness. ??

“Small batches, cooked at low temperatures and shipped fast so they don’t lose nutritional value — I love talking about how our food stands out with customers,” said Marijane Chuang, owner of Pet Wants Chino Hills. “Do you know how old your pet food is? Most consumers don’t. We love to share that safe and educational environment for our pet parents — they can come learn and talk about all the ways we can help improve their pets' diets.”

Innovative Freeze-Dried Products

One of the most exciting developments at Pet Wants is their recent foray into freeze-dried dog food. Customers can order two recipes — beef and chicken — which includes over 90% protein, whole organs, five microorganisms, supplements and probiotics.

"Freeze-dried is really the number one growing category in the pet treat space — it can be a topper, treat or complete and balanced meal," said Rachu. "The nice thing about freeze-dried is that it has so many benefits. It is flash frozen. The only thing that leaves the product is the moisture. All the other flavor and nutrition stays in it."

Since rolling out the product earlier this year, franchisees are saying the response has been overwhelmingly “PAW-sitive.” 

“Freeze-dried is a fantastic way to feed your dogs; there are so many health benefits of eating raw,” said Rosaline Hansen, owner of Pet Wants Newton. “Every dog is different and if we are truly a nutrition company, we need to diversify what we offer and provide the types of benefits that the dry formula just doesn’t."

Max Zugan of Pet Wants Hilton Head says they sold out of their freeze-dried food in less than a week. “The world of pet food is always changing, there is always new research coming out and there is a large demand for fresh food,” he said. “The freeze-dried food is raw and species-appropriate. Dogs are designed to eat and break down raw food. You get all the benefits, but don’t have to worry about freezing it or storing it.”

“It's all about improving our pets' diet to live a longer life with them,” said Chuang. “Freeze-dried raw has been a long time coming and helps complete the platform for feeding our pups. What we love about it is that it adds another solution offering to the nutritional side of things.”

Looking ahead, Pet Wants is expanding its product line to also include private label supplements. “Our next strategy is to have our own pet food supplements. We sell health and wellness, so we are always looking for new ways to help pet needs,” said Rachu. These supplements will cater to pets with specific dietary needs and intolerances, offering franchisees yet another way to serve their customers effectively.

Community Pet Wellness Experts

Overall, the enthusiasm for Pet Wants’ products and mission is palpable among its franchisees. “It really feels like a blessing to bring pet wellness to the community,” said Zugan. “We didn’t understand how impactful this franchise could be. When we get to hear the results and the issues we can help the pets overcome, it’s really a blessing.”

These kinds of stories prove that Pet Wants franchisees aren’t just business owners, Rachu says — they are a trusted resource for pet parents and animal lovers in their community. “Our owners go through a lot of training to learn about the proper nutrition that is ideal for our animals,” he said. “You can’t recommend anything to pets unless you have an understanding of the entire picture of pet nutrition. It is about asking the right questions and knowing the right answers.”

For passionate and qualified entrepreneurs, joining Pet Wants can be a fulfilling and meaningful way to bring something truly needed to the communities they serve by enhancing the nutritional options available to pet owners. 

“This is a very important mission to us,” said Hansen. “We had experience with losing pets far younger than we should have, so we are very proud to focus on making the lives of all pets as happy, healthy and as long as possible. Our proprietary products are a big part of that.”




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