Why Pet Wants is Winning Best in Show in The Booming Pet Food Industry

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  • August 10 2023

Founded more than a decade ago, Pet Wants, the only national franchise provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers, has become a household name for pet owners and franchise professionals across the U.S. Over the past decade, the amount of money Americans spend on pets has more than doubled, and pet food and treats make up the biggest portion of the national pet food market at $42 billion annually. With the value of the pet industry in the U.S. set to reach over $109 billion by the end of 2022 as consumers shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle, Pet Wants stands out with a uniquely strong value proposition.

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The Demand for Quality Pet Food

“The typical pet owner in the U.S. has two options — healthy and expensive or cheap and convenient,” said DeNita Carani, Pet Wants President. “Most owners want to buy healthy food for their pets, but it is expensive and hard to store because it isn’t frozen. They like the convenience of kibble, but because there are so many preservatives, it is not as nutrient-rich as the fresher options. You wouldn’t feed your kids McDonald’s every day, but you do that for your pets because it is so convenient. With Pet Wants, there is a convenient and affordable option that is also the healthy way — small batch kibble brought from oven to bowl in just 90 days.”

Pet Wants’ pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Pet food nutrient profiles for “All Life Stages.” This makes it easy for pet parents to care for and love their pets by providing them with delicious, natural and fresh pet food enhanced with vitamins and minerals that promote the best nutrition, health, vitality, and well-being possible.

“Overall, the demand is huge right now for high-quality and fresh pet food,” said Carani. “Pets are a part of people’s extended families, so they want to ensure they are healthy and on a good diet to live the best life possible. Once they fall in love with the Pet Wants products, they are customers for life.”

But just because Pet Wants’ food is higher quality doesn’t mean it is more expensive, Carani says. Instead of manufacturing tons of kibble at once, Pet Wants manufactures food every six weeks and ships the optimal amount of food directly to franchise owners to maintain freshness. This supply chain model also allows the brand to offer a price that’s typically far lower than the prescription diets veterinarians are trying to convince pet owners to buy.

“The Pet Wants supply chain is high turnover,” Carani says. “This keeps costs down for franchise owners, and our operational model is very lean from that standpoint. Our exclusive proprietary fresh pet foods are manufactured in the brand’s U.S. facility, which also gives the franchisees exclusivity regarding customer demand.”

Our Unique Model & Process

Carani says it isn’t just the Pet Wants kibble that is appealing to pet owners; it is also the consultative sale process and streamlined delivery option.

“Our customers can come into the store and talk to one of our experts about the best food for their pet, or they can order online and set up a monthly subscription for auto-delivery,” said Carani. “It is really a unique offering. Our retail stores are not your traditional pet supply stores. It is more like a small town bakery or novelty item shop. Customers don’t need to come into the store, but they often want to because they know they will have access to an expert to answer all of their questions. By having that anchor in the market, franchise owners can really fill a void in their community.”

Prospective franchise owners also don’t have to worry about being animal experts — Pet Wants has a nutrition expert on the team that provides the training and resources so owners can help pet families live a happier lifestyle with their pets. The ideal Pet Wants franchise owner just needs to bring a deep passion for pets and a belief in the value of nutrition.

“Who doesn't love a business built around loving pets?” said Carani. “If you are looking for a low-cost, high-demand, rewarding business, there isn’t a better opportunity in the booming pet industry than Pet Wants.”



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