Pet Wants Winner's Circle

Earn your franchisee fee back in full through our innovative Winner's Circle program! 


Achieve Realistic Milestones and Get Reimbursed

While we can't predict the future, you'll demonstrate your success through achievable milestones. And as you reach them, we'll fully reimburse your franchise fee! Consider this: you were already set on success, evident from your decision to start your own business. We're simply emphasizing our commitment to your success. Our prosperity hinges on yours, so we've devised a way to incentivize top-tier entrepreneurs to choose Pet Wants. What could be more appealing to a franchisee than a full reimbursement of their initial investment? And we'll guide you every step of the way toward achieving it!



Win Your Franchise Fee Back in Full!

Pet Wants introduces a distinctive franchise concept within the pet food sector, featuring a scalable retail model for storefronts. Initial investment for a Pet Wants pet food franchise ranges from $137,850 to $219,000, offering an accessible entry into a thriving industry. Now envision the chance to further decrease your expenses and recoup the $48,500 initial franchise fee through our innovative Winner’s Circle program.