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The Pet Wants Franchise

What Is a Pet Wants Franchise?

High-quality, nutritional pet food delivered to their doors

Pet Wants are premium pet franchises that offer pet owners an alternative to the made-last-year bagged food that’s been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months. Our premium pet food is manufactured from whole ingredients (there are no by-products in Pet Wants foods). The result is a nutrition-rich, delicious food that is better for pets and doesn’t devastate owners’ pocketbooks. Pet Wants is a top-ranked pet food franchise because of the passion and effort put into the business.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), more than 48% of households in America own a dog. Another 38% of families own cats. That means a lot of people are buying a lot of kibble every day. With more than 183 million dogs and cats in the U.S., and as millennials become pet owners for the first time, the demand for premium pet food products is growing. That makes Pet Wants the kind of potentially lucrative business entrepreneurs long to own.

For pet owners and their furry family members, one thing more than anything else sets Pet Wants apart.

“When we set out to create these formulas, we did so to fill a void in the industry,” says Betsy Kuhr, Franchise Business Consultant for Pet Wants. “What makes us unique is that we’ve pulled together things that were missing from the industry. The idea was to make limited-ingredient formulas once a month in very small batches — which is not at all common in the pet food industry — that we would then ship directly to the store. No Pet Wants products are pre-packaged.”

The premium kibble is delivered directly to the store in bulk, and when customers come in, they buy only as much as they need. This allows pet owners to ensure they are providing their pets with a fresh, wholesome product. Moreover, this premium product is available only at Pet Wants. We don’t sell any of our Pet Wants products to outside retail operations.

Pet Wants has two pet franchises models that make the market accessible

For some, the picture of a peppy, vibrant storefront brimming with customers is the ideal new business venture. For others, though, the notion of a brick-and-mortar store is far from ideal — they prefer the freedom of getting out in the community without the hassle of negotiating a lease. That’s why Pet Wants offers two distinct franchise models to suit every owner’s goals.

Our Pet Wants mobile franchise provides entrepreneurs with a solid foundation for business growth, opening up the Pet Wants brand in their market via a home delivery service. Freed from the pressures of negotiating leases, hiring employees and securing occupancy licenses, the new Pet Wants mobile franchise owner spends time growing their brand, meeting new customers and delivering our popular, in-demand products to an eager clientele.

Meanwhile, for owners looking to establish a strong retail presence while becoming a hub for the pet-loving community, our retail pet franchise model provides the perfect opportunity to establish a physical location that is easy to staff and operate. In fact, most of our stores operate with fewer than four employees.

“Our two franchise models really open up the doors to a wide variety of pet-loving entrepreneurs,” says Scott Hoots, President of Pet Wants. “The best part is how well the two models blend together. If you start out with a mobile unit, you can grow into a retail store quite easily. And all retail stores include mobile operations. It’s just a great synergy.”

Whether you start a mobile unit and grow into a retail store, or open a chain of Pet Wants retail locations in your market, there’s a Pet Wants model that fits your lifestyle. No other pet franchise concept delivers high-quality, healthy and fresh pet food to pet owners.

Pet franchises are an affordable, scalable business

Getting started with Pet Wants is an affordable proposition, regardless of the model you choose. As your business grows, so can the size of your operation.

Many Pet Wants owners started out with a mobile franchise, including a fully wrapped vehicle and a portable market table reminiscent of a feed store counter. After working trade shows, getting out to pet-friendly events and setting up shop at local farmers’ markets, they find that their customer base has grown large enough to support a brick-and-mortar location. For owners who follow this path, the additional franchise fee to upgrade to a physical location is just $10,000.

On the other hand, Pet Wants owners who start out with an in-line retail store immediately recognize the value of the mobile unit, which helps build brand awareness and goodwill in the community. Getting out in the local pet-loving world puts them front and center in the minds of pet owners from all walks of life.

Ultimately, the choice of how you start your Pet Wants business lies with you, with the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for and the size of the operation you think you can manage. If you’re curious about the transition from mobile to retail models, you can learn more in the story about how Michele Hobbs founded Pet Wants.