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How Do We Help Franchisees Succeed?

Ongoing product development, highly visible marketing and a growing network of franchise owners position you for ongoing growth

A pet food franchise opportunity is only as good as the support franchise owners receive, and Pet Wants sets a high bar for providing our owners with the products, training and marketing they need to build a successful business.

Just ask Chuck and Ewa Ryan, who opened Pet Wants in their Chicagoland community last year. Ewa was an architect with 19 years of experience, and she wanted a business that she could own that would provide her with a better work-life balance and that tapped into her passions. One of those passions is the couple’s pets — three dogs.

“You have to be passionate about dogs, about wanting to help and serve people,” Chuck says. “That’s why it was a perfect fit for us.”

Chuck and Ewa visited with Pet Wants owners, management and support staff, and right away, they recognized Pet Wants provided them with the support they were looking for. Their journey to Pet Wants started with the food.

World-class products make a strong foundation

Enter Goliath, the Ryans’ most recently adopted four-legged family member. About the same time Chuck and Ewa were exploring franchise options, Goliath was experiencing gastric distress. Chuck recalls taking a one-two exploratory step with Pet Wants.

“We filled out the application and ordered food for delivery to our house,” Chuck says. The food arrived a few days later, and Goliath loved it. “Within a week, we realized that Goliath’s stomach was doing a lot better on that food. That intrigued us more to pursue it as a business.”

After attending a discovery day and visiting with franchise owners and our home office crew, the Ryans took the next step — signing on to become the newest Pet Wants owners — and plunged ahead.

Comprehensive training sets you to work from Day 1

The path to Pet Wants ownership flows through Cincinnati, where Pet Wants started. Over the course of a weeklong training program, franchise owners are put through the paces, learning about our products, management systems and support.

More importantly, they get to see firsthand the interactions of Pet Wants owners and the communities they serve. These communities are the heart of our third-party referral system.

Third-party referrals help you build and maintain momentum

It’s been said the best advertising is the kind you get when customers tell you, “Job well done.” Nowhere is that made clearer than at Pet Wants and our position within the pet-loving community.

While our franchise owners do take part in some traditional advertising, the bulk of our marketing efforts are handled by satisfied Pet Wants owners, who get out into the community and meet pet owners at farmers’ markets, trade shows, festivals, and other events. More importantly, satisfied pet owners help spread the message of the difference fresh pet food makes.

Our third-party referral system helps you manage this word-of-mouth, and it deputizes your biggest fans as your greatest marketing asset. Once people start hearing about Pet Wants and our unique food and vibrant pet-loving culture, they can’t get to you fast enough.

Learn more about what makes our culture special. Or, once you’re ready to take the next step, apply to become a Pet Wants owner today.