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Franchisee Referral Form

The Pet Wants Franchisee Referral Program


Two Tremendous Options for the Rising Franchisee.

Refer a Friend.

Earn $7,500 in Cash

With 5 successful franchise brands across the country (all home based with low overhead) Strategic Franchising has a brand for everyone.

No need to refer your friends to just Pet Wants. Refer them to any of our brands and receive $7,500 when they buy their own franchise.


Refer Yourself.

Expand Your Brand.

Currently a Pet Wants Owner? Ready to expand your territory and increase your revenue? - Don’t do it at full price!

We present the Strategic Franchising #GrowthHack. When a Franchisee expands, they are encouraged to Refer Themselves – Saving $7,500.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I submit someone who was already a candidate?

If you suggest a person as a possible candidate but they have a record of already requesting information for that brand, that person will not be considered as a referral. If you do submit a referral for someone who we find has a previous candidacy, we will notify you about the situation and coordinate the next steps.

What must happen for me to receive $7,500?

In order to receive the $7,500 award, the person you referred as a candidate must have decided to become an owner by signing their franchise agreement, paying their initial franchise fee, and completed training.

Is there a specific process to submitting a referral?

Yes! Anyone who would like to participate in the referral program must complete the online form as early as possible. That is important in starting the candidate process and making sure you get the correct referral credit.

How many referrals can I submit?

There is no limit to the people that you refer as potential partners for Pet Wants or any of our 5 affiliate brands.


Complete the Referral Form

Official Rules: Only current Pet Wants® franchise owners who are in good standing and their employees are eligible for this program. Franchise owners must be in good standing at the time of submitting a referral and at the time of payment. No referrals will be accepted into the program unless all required information has been submitted through https://petwantsfranchise.com/referral-program/ and the franchise owner has received confirmation from P.W. Franchising Systems, Inc. (“Pet Wants”) that the referred candidate has been accepted. The franchise owner will be required to present the confirmation email at the time of payment. A referral fee is earned only after the referred candidate has completed the purchase of a Pet Wants franchise by signing a franchise agreement and other required documents and paying the franchise fee in full. No referral fee will be paid for referral of a candidate who is already in our sales contact management system. If a referral fee is paid in connection with the purchase of a franchise, no other discounts may be used or applied in conjunction with that purchase. If Pet Wants is contractually required to honor any discounts in connection with the purchase of a franchise, then Pet Wants has the right, in its sole discretion, to reduce the referral fee by the amount of the discount. Pet Wants reserves the right to terminate this referral program at any time without notice. This program is void where prohibited by law.