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What’s Special About The Pet Wants Franchise Culture?

The Pet Wants franchise culture starts with loving pets

It only takes one visit to see just how special the Pet Wants culture is. Our owners are pet lovers, educators, entrepreneurs and activists from all walks of life. This pet franchise not only builds multiple streams of revenue, it also has a mission to make pets as healthy as possible.

When you step into one of our retail locations or walk up to a mobile kiosk at a farmers’ market, it becomes quickly apparent: our owners are excited about pets and excited to share the benefits of Pet Wants with pet lovers everywhere. That’s in part because we’re pet lovers ourselves.

“We have three dogs of our own,” says Chuck Ryan, who owns a Pet Wants retail franchise in Chicago with his wife, Ewa. “It’s nice and reassuring to see people come in with their dogs and see the dog wagging its tail because you’re giving it a treat.”

But Pet Wants is pet franchise about so much more than tossing treats to dogs. It’s a culture where our love of pets opens the door to a rewarding business with long-term growth opportunities and multiple revenue streams.

A business with a mission: make healthy pets

For some pet lovers, pet food is strictly a value buy, with the cheapest off-the-shelf bag winning. For others, though, the decision of what to feed their dog or cat is weighed as carefully as what they eat themselves, and this is where Pet Wants is uniquely positioned.

Clark, Pet wants franchise owners

Our owners spend a considerable amount of time introducing our fresh pet foods to their market, and once pet owners see the benefits of fresh food, they become Pet Wants customers for months and even years.

Building a business with Pet Wants is exciting and fun

It takes a unique kind of entrepreneur, one who can balance fun with work and education with sales. This is, after all, a job where selling a product is the key to growing revenue. But this isn’t selling vacuum cleaners or fast food. It’s a product you — and your customers — can believe in.

If you’re a pet lover, chances are you know a lot of other pet lovers. That’s why there are great locations for a Pet Wants mobile or retail franchise across the country. Find out where we’re looking to introduce the Pet Wants brand. Or you can apply to bring Pet Wants to your area today.