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The Pet Wants Franchise Opportunity

Tap into the huge demand for fresh, custom-made pet food

Pet Wants is riding a huge wave of pet owners spending lavishly on their beloved pets. In fact, in the $24 billion pet products industry, Americans spend over $50 billion a year on pet food and treats alone [1]. Meanwhile, pet lovers nationwide are beginning to hold pet food to the same standards as the food they put on their own tables, and they are looking for fresh, highly nutritious foods.

Spending on premium and artisanal pet foods is skyrocketing, and Pet Wants pet food franchise is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Our founder Michele Hobbs started Pet Wants out of love and frustration. One of her beloved dogs suffered from painful skin allergies and, no matter what food they tried, her pet continued to suffer. Michele realized very quickly that national dog food brands were not fresh, they lacked complete nutrition and, most importantly, they were filled with dozens of non-nutritious ingredients and animal byproducts.

Michele decided to change that. She found a manufacturer and worked with them to formulate a custom pet food in small batches to be made fresh every month. Her animals loved the food — and so did the pets of all of her friends. Almost overnight, Pet Wants was born.

U.S. Pet Food Market Hits $50 Billion [1]

Now Pet Wants pet food franchise is one of the fastest-growing pet food franchises in America, with over 100 locations — proving just how powerful the demand is for premium, fresh pet food free of animal by-products and non-nutritious fillers. We offer two attractive franchise models — a mobile, event-based franchise that focuses on acquiring subscription delivery customers, and a retail pet store model that sells Pet Wants food, custom treats, and high-end pet accessories.

Pet Wants is the kind of franchise opportunity that comes once or twice in a lifetime. We’re a brand that continues to experience explosive growth in a huge market. 

What Does It Cost To Open A Pet Wants Franchise?

The total investment estimate to begin operations on a new Pet Wants franchise ranges from $131,500 to $202,500.

  • Total Investment: $131,500 to $202,500

  • Franchise Fee: $42,500

  • Liquid Capital Recommended: $50,000

  • Financing Assistance: Outside financing available

  • Business Type: Franchise

Our Pet Wants Franchise Model Fits Any Community

Pet Wants franchise owners enjoy a scalable storefront process within an easy-to-operate franchise model.

Pet Wants owners in front of their van

Phase 1: Mobile Delivery

The Pet Wants Mobile Delivery phase is a great entry point for individuals beginning their franchise journey before opening a brick-and-mortar store.

Phase 2: Retail & Delivery

The Pet Wants Retail storefront is an affordable alternative to the big-box pet store franchise that establishes a community hub for pet parents.

What Our Franchisees Have To Say

“It comes down to how much people want to take care of their pets, and most people would do anything to make sure their pets are getting the food that will give them long, healthy lives. Many people treat their pets as members of their family, and Pet Wants is an affordable investment to make to protect the animals we love. This is why our business has become so beloved in our community, and why we will continue to grow.”

-Caonex Abreu, Pet Wants Miami

“I love dogs and cats myself, and I thought, obviously, you want to enjoy what you do and believe in what you do. The more I researched Pet Wants, the more I decided it was something I should consider. It turns out this was a great fit, as I get to serve the pet lovers in my community the highest quality pet food directly to their doors. Pet Wants becomes the services my community relies on to take care of their pets. It’s a win-win.”

-Tim Chapman, Pet Wants Minneapolis

“With our dog, Goliath, we had troubles getting his stomach under control. We were looking for a food for our dog with high standards and good nutrition. After we found Pet Wants, we filled out a franchise application and ordered ordered food for delivery to house at the same time. Within a week, we realized that Goliath’s stomach was doing a lot better on that food. That intrigued us more to pursue it as a business.”

-Chuck Ryan, Pet Wants Chicago