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Phase 1: Event-Based Mobile Franchise

PHASE 1: Launch a Pet Wants Event-Based Mobile Franchise Model

Build Brand Awareness Before You launch Your Retail Space

Taking advantage of the huge increases in high end, healthy pet food sales is more attainable than you might think.

That’s why Pet Wants franchise offers a scalable retail model that starts mobile and builds to a full-blown retail pet store model that doesn’t break the bank. In phase one of opening the mobile event-based franchise is designed to help you build local brand awareness as you take advantage of farmers’ markets, dog shows, community events and festivals. Events like these are a great and inexpensive way to introduce Pet Wants food to a large number of customers and an easy way to acquire new subscription and delivery clients.

The Pet Wants mobile event-based franchise phase utilizes our signature, portable display kiosk, and a highly visible delivery vehicle decked out in the custom, attractive and energetic Pet Wants livery. Starting mobile limits your overhead and provides you with the opportunity to get started while building your retail location and recoup your investment faster.

Starting mobile is beneficial “because building the Pet Wants brand means you have to be out there, and you have to work it,” Caonex a Florida franchise owner says. 

Caonex and Javier divide their time between making deliveries and taking part in home shows, pet-centered expos and their local farmers’ markets. They’re also working to build a reputation as responsive customer service professionals, which creates tremendous third-party referrals — the heart of growing a Pet Wants franchise.

Third party referrals happen organically as customers and local pet organizations learn the value of Pet Wants and recommend you to their friends, clients and members. This builds the brand quickly and establishes your new business in the pet-loving community.

As your business grows, the mobile unit is designed to scale into a full retail storefront operation that works in conjunction with mobile delivery. 

Caonex and Javier are growing their delivery business and increasing Pet Wants visibility throughout their area, and the partners definitely see the value of the retail establishment. While their business is thriving, Caonex says they recognize the value of opening a Pet Wants retail franchise location in an area where numerous neighborhoods offer the kind of pedestrian, pet-friendly traffic that could drive sales even higher.

“We think the retail site has a lot of upsides,” Caonex says. “If it’s done right, it could be a big opportunity for our business.”

Learn more about Phase 2 of the Pet Wants Retail franchise journey. Or apply to bring Pet Wants to your community today.