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Digital Marketing With Pet Wants

Reach those looking to help their Pets

Having a strong digital marketing presence and game plan helps our owners drive new business. 

Pet Wants knows that if we reach the right pet parents, and they experience how great our food products are, they will keep coming back! That means it’s important to have an aggressive digital marketing strategy that uses technology to put franchise owners in front of potential customers online.

By becoming a Pet Wants owner, you benefit from having this proven strategy at your disposal right out of the gate. We help you leverage online resources to build the growth you need to be successful. 

“Because we leverage advertising in bulk buys, we have access to tools and tactics that enable our franchise owners to advertise more effectively than they could on their own. ” 

– Jenn Foster 
Pet Wants Digital Marketing

Jenn Foster, Digital Marketing

Social Media Presence

With consumers spending an enormous amount of time on social media platforms, having a smart social marketing plan is critical to any business. Advertising on social platforms provides a great way to invite consumers to learn more about your brand, products or services in a highly engaging format using photography, galleries and video.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When consumers are researching solutions to their pet’s health or finding that right next food to try, they turn to search. Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to make sure they can find you in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With search, it’s also too easy to get caught up on quality score, clicks, and impression share, so our team handles the details while being laser focused on what really matters, NEW CUSTOMERS.

  • Create instant brand awareness across major search engine listings.
  • Quickly generate and scale revenue.
  • Reach the right people in the right place and time.
  • Optimize for engagement, purchases, form completions and/or phone calls.

Visual Reporting Tailored For You

When it comes to knowing what is working for you, you can rely on visual reporting tools that are live connected to the results from your campaigns. See the results for yourself and be a part of the discussion to enhance your strategy!

While Pet Wants has a well-rounded marketing approach, having as strong digital marketing strategy will be key going forward. You can learn more about the marketing efforts and have your questions answered in our franchise discovery process.