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Pet Wants Fills the Unmet Need in the Premium Pet Food Market

The market for pet products is booming, and Pet Wants stands out from the competition because no other brand can provide what our franchise offers: premium pet food delivered fresh to the customer’s door. With a market spend of $36.9 billion, the pet franchise industry is huge and Pet Wants is different [1].

Pet Wants pet foods, snacks, and treats are manufactured and sold exclusively through our Pet Wants franchise locations. That means the freshest pet food is available only from your local Pet Wants store. No other retailer can sell Pet Wants products.

"We’re first to market in the fresh pet food space,” Scott says. “No other major brand offers what we do, and you cannot buy a Pet Wants pet food product in your local big-box pet retailer — or anywhere else, for that matter.”

Most pet food brands are formulated for a shelf life measured in years and manufactured in massive amounts that are then shipped in bulk to a packaging facility. The time between manufacturing and packaging is usually months. After that, it can sit in a supplier’s warehouse for a year or more before it’s ever sent to the retailer’s distribution center. That spells bad news for food quality, as our founder, Michele Hobbs, explains: 

“When you formulate kibble for a shelf life that’s months or years long, you have to pack it full of fillers and stabilizers,” Michele says. “That extra bulk sucks out nutritional value, and the nutrition deteriorates even further while that bag is sitting on the shelf. With Pet Wants, your customers know that the pet food was manufactured — not shipped or delivered, but made — within the last six weeks. That’s why we can avoid all the fillers, all the stabilizers, and focus on wholesome ingredients.”

With Pet Wants, your customers know that the pet food was manufactured within the last six weeks.

Delivery Model and eCommerce Website

The home delivery and online ordering platform keep Pet Wants ahead of the competition. The exclusive pet food and treats can be conveniently ordered online and delivered to customers.

For many people, the choices for fresh pet food free from harmful ingredients are limited to their kitchen or nothing at all. With Pet Wants, pet owners get all the benefits of fresh, nutrient-dense food and the convenience of home delivery — without any of the hassles.

“Home delivery is really what makes Pet Wants work,” Scott says. “We’re eliminating more than 90% of the supply chain, and almost all of the stops that even the best premium brands make between the kitchen and your pet’s bowl.”

Dog Holding a Dog Bowl

Be the first to market Pet Wants in your community

Pet Wants has grown exponentially over the last few years and earned itself the rank as the fastest-growing Pet Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2020. 

We want to continue growing our success with passionate pet parents looking to join our team and spread nutritious pet food, freshly delivered throughout their community. 

Think you may be what we’re looking for? Find out what makes a great Pet Wants owner. Or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner now.

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