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Client Acquisition

How We Help You Build Your Customer Base

Building a solid base of customers for your Pet Wants franchise may seem like a daunting task. But we've got you covered. Our multi-pronged process for client acquisition will allow you to quickly and effectively tap into the growing $50 billion pet food industry [1].

Brand Recognition

Pet Wants is setting the industry on fire with its fresh premium pet food and door-to-door delivery service. Our innovative marketing team continues to find ways to get the Pet Wants brand top billing through national and regional advertising campaigns and the results speak for itself. Ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises by Entrepreneur in 2020, your prospective customers will be flocking to your business to get the best pet food for their animal companions.

Quality Product

It's like having a personal chef prepare meals for your pets. That's the meticulous attention we give to crafting our pet food. Always fresh, nutritious and best of all, tasty! Cats and dogs fall in love the first time they try our food. Once customers see how healthy and active their pets are after only a few days of the Pet Wants diet, you're looking at having that customer for life.


You're saying there's a way I can grow a steady book of business without expensive marketing campaigns? You bet! As a Pet Wants owner, we will teach you how to become an expert in the field of pet nutrition and that will establish your credibility when you talk to prospective customers about the needs of their cats and dogs. Once you've built trust with your customers, they will essentially become your grassroots sales team by telling (and selling) their pet-owning family members and friends about their positive experience with your business and its amazing products.


Leverage local businesses to get the word out about your Pet Wants franchise! They're already established and their clientele perfectly fits your prospective customer profile. We'll coach you through building lasting relationships with local businesses such as:

  • Doggy Day Care

  • Pet Adoption & Rescues

  • Dog Walkers

  • Pet Sitters & Boarders

  • Certified Breeders

  • Dog Trainers

  • Vets & Health Care Providers

Trade Shows and Events

Casting a large net will give you the best chance at catching a lot of fish. Trade shows, conventions, local sports and entertainment events are a goldmine for generating fresh leads. The biggest hurdle is just getting out there and getting the right message out about your products. Through our library of turn-key digital and print marketing collateral, you will have access to anything and everything ranging from business cards, brochures and signs, to even vehicle wraps and out-of-the-box trade show booths. We've done all types of events, so rest assured that our operations team will get you on the best path to successfully promote and prepare for your specific event.

Online Presence

Nowadays, having a website and a Facebook account is not enough. There's just too many businesses doing it and it's easy to get your online presence lost in a sea of noise. We actively work to get your Pet Wants noticed by providing you with a plethora of fresh, engaging digital content for your social media accounts every week. And behind the scenes, our team will work improve the search engine rank of your customized website through organic SEO and paid ads.

Client Conversion Cycle

Our multi-level marketing efforts target each step of the process to push your prospects into paying customers. And once your customers are ecstatic with the Pet Wants products you've provided, they can become valuable marketing assets through word-of-mouth referrals that will replenish your pipeline of potential prospects.

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