A Franchise Investment Built for
Pet Lovers

Over 120 franchisees spend their days doing what they love. Become your own boss with Pet Want’s low-cost and high-demand investment opportunity!

    Why These Franchisees Bought Into Pet Wants

    • Benefit From Joining A Proven System

      Ryan Oller, Scappoose, OR

      If other business owners have proven their successes in the brand after changing industries, why couldn’t you? Ryan Oller recognizes how the need for a change of pace turned into researching and finding a new business venture with an appealing ownership opportunity, and not-your-average pet food supply. Using a proven path forged by colleagues in the company can only set a business owner up for success.

    • Low Entry Fees to Get Up and Running

      Dennis & Holly Ensor, Springfield, MO

      Dennis and Holly Ensor’s primary attraction to Pet Wants was the low entry fee to dive into business ownership. Low costs for new business owners is a major plus when it comes to planning and investing, and something worthwhile for these current owners. When taking the dive into entrepreneurship and new businesses, the ability to cut down costs and start up times to save time and money is a primary consideration that new business owners can ultimately leverage into the successful start of their business.

    • A Unique Consumer Offering

      Othman Fadeel, Orange County, CA

      The Pet Wants brand was the only franchising opportunity to offer something unique to its clientele – and for business owners not looking to open just another PetSmart. Othman Fadeel’s passion for the animals and providing select product for animal owners is what brought him to Pet Wants – and he’s never looked back. The appreciation for the product or service that a franchise provides will hold long term value for the franchisee

    • A Business to be Excited About

      Shannon Weel, Lake Forest, CA

      Business ownership that lends to the passion for the health of animals was exactly what Shannon Weel was looking for, and has since felt the reward for joining a brand that provides a blueprint toward success alongside other passionate franchise owners who are in her corner. Entrepreneurs looking to make a change in their careers to pivot to something they are passionate about will find just that, in Pet Wants.

    • It’s Hard To Have A Bad Day

      Tim & Carrie Chapman, Minneapolis, MN

      The business’ clientele is what drives Time and Carrie Chapman in their Pet Wants ownership. Between interacting with other pet owners and seeing the benefits of their services first-hand, nothing beats the reward of a healthy and happy pet. For most business owners, passion in the product is what ends up being the most rewarding.

    • Helping Others in a Personal Way

      Mike & Kim Caley, Frisco, TX

      Mike and Kim Caley have successfully started a business to generate a profit as business owners without sacrificing the personability and impactful help to their community. The ability to connect with clientele – and their pets – to navigate the clients’ needs and help with product recommendations goes a long way to establish lifelong customers and experience the reward of business ownership.

    Why Pet Wants

    Pet Wants is a pet health and wellness company that strives to improve the nutrition, health, vitality, and well-being of pets. Founded in 2010, the brand’s specially crafted, private-label pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl, all made in the USA. Pet Wants has set a new standard in what you should expect in your pet food and has created the ultimate convenience with free, personal delivery through their 90+ locations across the United States. The total investment estimate to begin operations on a new Pet Wants franchise ranges from $131,500 to $202,000 including a franchise fee of 42,500 that can be earned back.

    Phase 1: Mobile Delivery – The Pet Wants Mobile Delivery phase is a great entry point for individuals beginning their franchise journey before opening a brick-and-mortar store.

    Phase 2: Retail & Delivery – The Pet Wants Retail storefront is an affordable alternative to the big-box pet store franchise that establishes a community hub for pet parents.

    Investing in Pet Wants

    Pet Wants is a low-cost investment opportunity in a high-demand industry with a scalable storefront model.

    Pet Wants Support

    The Pet Wants team is passionate about and fully committed to the success of our franchisees. We are there to help our dedicated owners get on the best path to success by providing support with everything from marketing to operations to training and more.

    A Uniquely Scalable Business Model

    Pet Wants franchise business owners start mobile or event-based and focus on acquiring subscription delivery customers and building connections with local pet parents in their first year. After the first year, franchisees add the launch of their retail pet store and grooming center that sells Pet Wants food, custom treats, and high-end pet accessories.

    Client Acquisition

    Pet Want’s multi-pronged process for client acquisition will allow franchisees to quickly and effectively tap into the growing pet food industry as the only national provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers. The Pet Wants marketing team continues to find ways to increase brand recognition through national and regional advertising campaigns. Franchisees will have access to turn-key digital and print marketing collateral ranging from business cards, brochures and signs to even vehicle wraps.

    In-Depth Training and Coaching

    Pet Wants franchisees will have access to a training and development curriculum that provides the tools to become an expert in the field of pet nutrition so they can offer more than just great products. The team’s expert knowledge will help franchisees establish credibility when they talk to prospective customers about their pets’ needs.

    Simplified Operations

    Pet Wants retail franchises are affordable options for individuals who want to own a retail store but don’t want the costly overhead associated with larger pet chain franchises. In fact, many of our stores occupy less than the industry average and require fewer employees. Pet Wants manufactures food every month and then ships our kibble directly to the franchise within 6 weeks. No other pet food product can promise that. Franchise Owners just buy the optimal amount of food they need.

    Available Markets

    Pet Wants has available territories in prime markets across the country and is seeking qualified, passionate franchisee candidates to help expand the brand’s footprint. Contact us today to learn more about owning the right territory in your market.

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