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Serial Entrepreneur

The Appeal of Franchising for Serial Entrepreneurs

While both entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs start a business from an idea, a serial entrepreneur may pass on the reins of managing the business to someone else or quickly move towards starting another one or move quickly to add locations or territories for their existing business. 

Characteristics of a Serial Entrepreneur 

Typically, a serial entrepreneur has practical knowledge, leadership experience, and the right mindset to overcome the fear of failure. As a result, they start several businesses one after another rather than beginning one venture and staying focused on it for many years.  

With the willingness to learn from experience, and sometimes the hard way by making mistakes, serial entrepreneurs know how to get an idea for a business in motion and off the ground. Along with developing skills, they acquire contacts among investors, talented employees, and others who can help them with the next enterprise.

The benefits of business ownership through franchising 

For those interested in owning a business without having to start from scratch, franchise ownership can be appealing. Investing in a franchise allows new entrepreneurs the opportunity to jumpstart their businesses utilizing the franchisor’s infrastructure and roadmap. Moreover, it allows serial entrepreneurs to scale their business and add territories quickly. 

Franchising also allows entrepreneurs to draw from their previous experiences while using the franchisor’s proven system and support to mitigate risks. It’s not surprising that franchising is an attractive investment for serial entrepreneurs, including those who have previous experience as executives and retired military professionals who have the proven leadership skills needed. 

Why Pet Wants? 

As the nation’s leading dog food franchise, Pet Wants provides the opportunity to combine a passion for pets with business ownership. Ownership of a Pet Wants franchise allows entrepreneurs to tap into the growing demand for fresh, custom-made pet food and to build a hub for pet owners and their pet-loving friends to connect. 

Particularly appealing to serial entrepreneurs is that Pet Wants is a scalable franchise that makes the booming pet industry market accessible. In fact, several current Pet Wants franchise owners have had success not just in starting their own business but in growing it, and quickly. 

Pet Wants Scappoose & Vancouver

Opening their first Pet Wants in August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Ryan Oller and Jennifer Hope admittedly asked themselves, “are we genius, or crazy?” Well, it appears genius. Ryan and Jennifer now own three Pet Wants territories, including Scappoose and the entire city of Vancouver, and have set five franchise records in their first year of business. 

Ryan says his favorite thing about owning a Pet Wants franchise is “the freedom to construct our business as we see fit from the ground up.” After all, Jennifer says, “we are building our own dream, not someone else’s.” They credit Ryan’s business development background with giving them ideas to help them grow their business. 

Pet Wants Coral Springs & Boca Raton

Less than a year after launching in Coral Springs, Luis Cuellar and Ana Maria Mendez are expanding the business into Boca. By providing fresh, high-quality, nutritious pet food, treats, and other supplies, Luis and Ana Maria are proud to say, “We are here to help pets and their families live long, healthy, and happy lives together.”

In addition to their thriving Pet Wants franchise, Ana Maria has a successful pet-sitting business, and Luis recently retired from local government service after 30 years, including his time working at the local animal shelter. 

Expanding a business portfolio with Pet Wants

In addition to being recognized as a Franchise 500® by Entrepreneur Magazine, Pet Wants is one of the fastest-growing pet food franchises in America, with more than 100 territories. Entrepreneurs can be up and running a Pet Wants franchise in just a few months with our streamlined process to ownership.