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Trey & Taylor Cahill Bring Pet Wants to the Upper Cumberland Region

When Trey and Taylor Cahill moved to Cookeville, they realized they were more than an hour away from the nearest Pet Wants. As loyal customers back in Charlotte, they knew their pups would be missing the food and chews… so they opened their own franchise.

“Our family had a great experience with Pet Wants back when we lived in Charlotte, but when we relocated to Cookeville to settle down in a community we love, the closest Pet Wants location was in Nashville. It was crazy to drive that far for pet food and chews, no matter how much we loved them. We have two dogs now and my husband, Trey, and I joked that maybe we should open our own Pet Wants so we could get Pet Wants products for our dogs. After a few laughs, we realized it was actually a great opportunity for us and for the Upper Cumberland area,” Taylor said.

As a mobile business, Pet Wants Cookeville offers free, personal delivery throughout the Upper Cumberland region. Taylor worked at the Upper Cumberland Development District before taking on the role as a stay-at-home mom. When they lived in Charlotte, Taylor worked for a dog training company, which is when she first learned about Pet Wants. Trey’s career has been in software development. The two have a daughter, Harper, as well as two goldendoodles – Memphis and Roan.

“We are passionate about our pets because they are important members of our family and ensuring their longevity is important to us. They bring a lot of joy and love into our home, and have served as the best companions. We hope everyone will give Pet Wants Cookeville a try because we want everyone's beloved fur family members to live out a healthy, long life,” Taylor said.

To learn more about the Cahills and Pet Wants Cookeville, visit