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Pet Parent Brings Pet Wants to Broomfield

Sharon Hodge’s two dogs, Petey and Olive, are cancer survivors and Petey tried 12 kinds of pet food he couldn’t stomach. That was until Hodge found Pet Wants. Pet Wants products made such a difference for her dogs that she was inspired to open her own location – Pet Wants Broomfield.

“I’d never ask someone to spend money on something I don’t completely trust myself. I believe in Pet Wants’ products — it’s fresh, we’ve never had a recall and it changed the lives of both of my pets — and I can’t wait to share them with other pets in my community. I want to be a resource for other pet parents who are looking for the best nutritional options for their fur babies,” Hodge said.

Sharon Hodge, Owner of Pet Wants Broomfield

Pet Wants Broomfield is a mobile business that offers free, personal delivery throughout the Broomfield area. Pet Wants’ specially-crafted, private-label pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl, all made in the USA. Pet Wants Broomfield has multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax and more.

Before opening her own Pet Wants in Broomfield, Hodge was a customer – and employee – at the Pet Wants in Nashville. Hodge was a teacher, but she was so passionate about Pet Wants that she took a second job working there.

“Even after the stress of teaching all day, I was always excited to go into Pet Wants to work. As I started thinking about my next steps I realized, if I could be that excited to go to work a second job after two years, maybe Pet Wants was something I could do permanently,” Hodge said.

To learn more about Hodge and Pet Wants Broomfield, visit here.