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Franchise Training: How Great Companies Support New Owners

One of the many benefits of franchising is onboarding, training and on-going business coaching. Franchise training and support at Pet Wants, the nation’s leading dog food franchise, is designed to help people turn a passion for pets into a thriving business ownership opportunity.

Women in franchising in the pet industry

If you’re interested in owning a franchise, making sure you choose a business opportunity with the right amount of training and support is key. Franchising offers budding entrepreneurs a proven business model to put them launched quickly and on the path to profitability. Great franchise organizations  make supporting their franchise owners a top priority. A franchisor’s goal should be to help their franchise owners build their own business and scale.  

Here are just a few ways Pet Wants franchise training stands out from the competition.

Ample training. One of the advantages of owning a franchise is having a roadmap and proven systems to follow. It enables people with little experience in the industry to tackle a new business venture.  Pet Wants makes sure to offer ample training and support to new owners. Pet Wants provides the products, technology, and marketing strategies needed to help you build a solid customer base. New franchise owners are provided with a weeklong, intensive on-board training at the corporate office in Cincinnati. Industry and product experts instruct new owners on business operations best practices, hiring, marketing, and most importantly, products. 

Extra initial support. Opening a new business can be daunting. Great franchisors provide extra support when franchisees first launch their businesses. Many franchises have a corporate representative on site as the new franchisee opens their doors. To ensure new franchise owners are truly prepared, Pet Wants provides them with 36 hours of on-the-job training to get a feel for how the daily operations will look. 

Product development. Great franchisors have a robust research and development team to continuously develop new products and explore new technology to help owners streamline their business. Pet Wants offers the latest fresh, whole-food formulas for pets and relies on franchise owners to educate the community about the importance of a healthy diet for their pets. “It’s nice to have a product that’s making a difference in people’s lives,” says Melissa Mautz, a Pet Wants franchise owner. “Animals — dogs and cats — are a part of everybody’s family at this point, so it’s nice to be able to prolong their lives, make them happy and healthy, and in turn make the whole family happy and healthy.” We include comprehensive training on all our product lines so our franchisees can become the go-to experts on pet nutrition in their communities.

Marketing tools. Franchise owners typically contribute to a national marketing fund that the franchisors leverage to build the brand nationally. . On a local level, franchise owners will network in their communities and use proven marketing strategies to drive sales for their business. Mobile franchise owners rely on their vehicles to serve as a mobile billboard to advertise their business. To help ramp up brand awareness, Pet Wants offers digital marketing support and a marketing playbook to help help grow your business. Additionally, Pet Wants franchise owners drive sales by meeting pet owners at farmers’ markets, trade shows, festivals, and other events. More importantly, satisfied pet owners help spread the message of the difference fresh pet food makes. Pet Wants was ranked as one of the fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur magazine in 2021 and is quickly becoming a household name with more than 25 new locations added in 2021. 

About Pet Wants

Pet Wants specializes in premium pet food manufactured from fresh ingredients. Pet Wants owners fill an important  void in the pet food industry by offering limited-ingredient, small batch and healthy pet food. Customers purchase only the amount they need to ensure their pets are getting fresh, wholesome food. 

Pet Wants has a mobile delivery option as well as a  brick-and-mortar storefront option. Startup costs range from $59,830 to $87,000 for a mobile unit and $123,850 to $202,000 for a storefront. Regardless of the model you choose, Pet Wants is focused on helping franchise owners succeed through training and support. 

Learn more about the Pet Wants franchise opportunity

If you’re searching for a business ownership opportunity with a company that offers comprehensive franchise training and focuses on supporting its owners, Pet Wants has an exciting opportunity. Fill out our online form to learn more about a future as a Pet Wants franchise owner.