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Tips for Buying a Family-Friendly Franchise

Some businesses are better for families than others. If work-life balance is important for your family, you need to pick a franchise that offers flexibility. On the other hand, if you want a franchise that you can run with your family members, you will need to make sure it can generate enough revenue to allow all your loved ones to flourish.

Buying a family-friendly franchise will provide a legacy for your family and offer a solid foundation to secure your children’s future. And, entrepreneurship lets you control your own future; as a franchise business owner you’ll have a roadmap to follow and the support you need to succeed. It’s important to understand your goals and expectations when selecting a franchise.

How to Create a Family Business

Pet Wants, one of the fastest-growing pet franchises, has three tips to help guide you as you pick a franchise that will help you create a legacy for your family.

Father with kid working from home during quarantine. Stay at home, work from home

Create a Plan Together. Sitting down to create a business plan together will ensure that every participant knows what to expect with the new venture. They will see when it should turn a profit and all the work that needs to be accomplished to reach their goals. Starting a business can be stressful, but if everyone understands the plan, it will keep you on a path toward success.

Set Roles for Each Family Member. Assigning specific roles to each family member will help create clear expectations and allow everyone to focus on the specific tasks that need doing. Making sure each family member has their own objectives will help your business run smoothly. Pet Wants retail franchises are a great option for creating a family business. They run with a small number of employees who are dedicated pet-lovers and educators. It’s not just about selling food at Pet Wants. Our franchise owners help educate the community on the benefits of healthy, fresh pet food for our fur babies.

Family Gathering

Communicate. Create an environment where your family members can communicate openly about the business. Allow them to share their thoughts and feelings to help the business thrive.

Finding the Right Franchise for your Family

Once you’ve decided a franchise is the right business decision for your family, perhaps creating work-life balance at first and later building into a family legacy, you have to find the right one. Here are some tips for finding a family-friendly franchise. 

  1. Talk to other family owners. It’s hard to know how family-friendly a franchise is unless you talk to other owners whose families are like yours. Do they still have school-aged children at home who need lots of hands-on parenting? Are they employing their grown children and in-laws in the business? Ask to speak to franchisees you can relate to when you’re considering a particular brand.
  2. Consider a Mobile Franchise. Mobile franchises don’t carry the same financial obligations as a brick-and-mortar location. Pet Wants offers both traditional and mobile options for franchisees. Our mobile units are a lower-cost startup option that takes advantage of farmer’s markets, dog shows, community events, and festivals. Without the set hours of a retail store, this can be a smart option for growing families.
  3. Pay Attention to Support. When you’re conducting your due diligence, make sure your choice of franchise provides adequate support and training to help get your business up and running. Find out what training is offered at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters and whether you’ll get time in a working franchise location.
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Pet Wants is a great franchise for families

Pet Wants franchisees are pet lovers who help educate the community on healthy pet food options. Our owners spend a lot of time introducing our fresh pet foods to their market. Once pet owners see the benefits of fresh food, they become regular customers for months and even years. It’s a great franchise for families for all the reasons listed above. We’re seeking franchise candidates who share our passion for animals and want to support other pet owners in their communities. 

Whether you’re searching for a business for the entire family or a flexible career, Pet Wants can help you find a satisfying future. Fill out our online form to learn more about a future as a Pet Wants franchise owner.