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Pet Wants Reports Record-Setting Franchise Development Growth in Q1

CINCINNATI – (June 10, 2021) Pet Wants, the Cincinnati-based high-quality pet food and supplies franchise, sets a new company franchise development record in Q1.

Pet Wants closed an impressive 14 new deals with more than 20 additional deals in progress at the close of first quarter — putting the organization at well more than halfway to its goal of opening 47 new franchise territories by the end of the year.

Pet Wants, which is part of the Strategic Franchising family, provides small-batch, slow-cooked, fresh, high-quality pet food, free of animal by-products and non-nutritious fillers, delivered to customers through its network of franchised mobile home delivery services and/or retail stores.

“Pet Wants is experiencing an upswell in interest from potential franchisees who realize the pet industry is an extremely high-growth space and recognize pet care businesses will forever be essential,” said Chris Seman, President of Strategic Franchising.


Chris Seman President Strategic Franchising

Backing up that statement are statistics from a new report which recently reveals pet food sales exceeded $40 billion in 2020 – up a whopping 9 percent increase from the previous year. These numbers re-confirm the recession resistance of the pet industry.

“The pandemic has changed people’s priorities. People are looking at their lives long-term now rather than just focusing on what to do to get through the pandemic. They no longer want to leave their financial fate up to someone else, so they are turning to business ownership, “ adds Seman. “One of the things that sets Pet Wants apart from other franchise opportunities is its low barrier of entry, which boosts accessibility to the average person who has a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Pet Wants provides everything needed to get a new franchise owner started, including brand marketing, food science, supply chain management and customized business coaching designed to help them achieve their goals.”

This is not the only recent milestone for the franchise. Pet Wants franchise owners experienced record-setting sales in the first quarter — continuing an impressive streak that started in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues in 2021.

“During the events of the past year, Americans turned to their pets for comfort and companionship. And if someone didn’t have a pet before the pandemic, there is a good chance they have one now. Pet adoptions surged in 2020,” said Seman. “The trends we are now observing in the pet food industry reflect those of their owners — which is a focus on a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and supplements.”

Pet Wants offers a different approach to pet food. Most pet food is mass-produced with undisclosed additives, preservatives and chemicals, and can sit in a warehouse for more than a year before it ends up in a pet’s bowl. Pet Wants never uses preservatives or unhealthy chemicals and ships or delivers inventory to customers within three months of the products being prepared. Not only does the brand offer the highest quality kibble on the market, but franchise owners also customize the food based on a pet’s wants and needs — whether the pet is a finicky eater or needs to lose a few pounds.

 Pet Wants is actively searching for franchise owners to join the exciting team and to provide access to quality food to more pet parents throughout the country and take advantage of this ever-expanding industry.

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