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Passion for Pets? A Dog Franchise Is a Great Investment

Turn your passion for pets into a thriving career by opening a dog franchise focused on the booming pet care and wellness industry. 

Pets bring steadfast companionship, joy, and unconditional love into our lives and most pet owners agree that their fur babies are integral members of the family. Not only are our pets great companions, but they also contribute to our mental well-being by providing us a sense of purpose and unconditional love. Even more so, owning a pet can help lower your resting blood pressure and increase your cardiovascular fitness. 

Evidence of the important role pets play in our lives abounds on social media. One in six people said they created a social media profile specifically for their pet, and about 65 percent of pet owners post about their furry friends on social media an average of two times per week, according to an online survey of pet owners. It will come as no surprise to pet lovers that one-third of survey participants said they post about their pets as much as they do about their human family.

A Dog Franchise: Make a Profit From Your Passion

If you are an animal lover with an interest in the well-being of our furry friends, Pet Wants offers an opportunity to turn your passion into profit. Pet Wants specializes in helping franchise owners provide customers with healthy, nutritious, and delicious pet food. This is a business model that’s perfect for an entrepreneur who understands the place pets hold in our hearts, and is willing to work hard to build a business that will cater to the needs of dogs and cats in the community. 

People love their fluffy companions and will spend money to make sure their four-legged family members are happy and healthy. The pandemic caused a pet “boom” as Americans went searching for a smile during a tough time, and that rise in pet ownership is proving to be beneficial for the pet industry. Total pet product sales were also up 6.7 percent in 2020, and 47 percent of pet owners report they increased the number of times they purchased pet products online in 2020

In addition to spending money on pet products, people refuse to skimp on quality food for their favorite companions. As American families make health, nutrition, and the sourcing of their own food a priority, they are in turn making healthier choices for their pets. 

Not only is Pet Wants food affordable, but it’s also fresh. Pet Wants delivers premium kibble directly to every franchise owner in bulk, allowing customers to customize the amount of food they purchase. Pet Wants provides nutritional pet food from the highest quality ingredients, slow-cooked in small batches, and delivered right to your door.

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Create a Community to Share Passion, Fuel Sales 

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders left many Americans searching for ways to engage with others. Pet Wants makes it a priority to connect with pet owners on an emotional level to garner repeat business. Pet Wants also provides a brand designed to educate consumers on the benefits of healthy food for their animals. 

Each Pet Wants location provides a place for pet lovers to gather. The fresh food is displayed in giant bins, allowing customers to clearly see and learn about each healthy option. The Pet Wants’ mobile units have the advantage of appearing at local community events like farmers markets and pet adoption fairs. On top of that, our subscription services help franchise owners build a loyal and recurring customer base. 

Pet Wants franchise owners truly have the chance to immerse themselves into the community while forming lasting relationships with local families and the dogs they love. 

If you are interested in learning how you can turn your passion for pets into a profitable pet franchise, visit www.petwantsfranchise.com to learn more.