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How Franchising Works: Make Money as a Franchise Owner

Joining a franchise allows you to take advantage of the benefits of an established brand and business model instead of struggling to create everything yourself as an independent business owner. 

 Learn more about some of the benefits of franchising.

The Brand

Unlike a brand-new business, the name recognition afforded to you by buying into the right franchise is priceless. A strong reputation and popularity among customers has already been established, so the buzz will be swirling around your location as soon as word spreads that you’re opening a new outpost. 

The level of positive opinion and trust a brand builds often takes years and investing in a franchise allows you to capitalize on this hard-earned reputation starting day one. And because you will be operating your business as a part of the brand, it is important to find a franchise whose goals and values align with your own.

Lower Costs

The costs of starting a new independent business can be incredibly high and unpredictable. In the case of franchising, initial franchise fees and related costs are laid out for you in the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), or sometimes right on their website. The expenses are streamlined in a coherent, concrete way so that you can best prepare for your investment.


Easier Financing

Most people need financial assistance to get their new businesses off the ground. And luckily for franchise investors, banks and other financial institutions are much more likely to provide funding toward a venture backed by a proven, successful franchise system than an unproven, independent startup. In fact, there are categories of small business loans (SBA) set aside specifically for franchise endeavors.

Led By Experience

Opening a new business requires a lot of legwork, but a franchise system handles a lot of the details, which is beneficial to new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners alike. Things like market research, product creation and assessment, location selection and optimizations are all rolled into the initial costs of opening a franchise and managed by members of the franchise team well-versed in all areas of business operation.

Training & Ongoing Support

One of the biggest advantages to investing in a franchise system is the brand-backed training program and support network. Techniques and methodology that have made the brand a success can be replicated and passed on to new franchise owners to maintain a sense of continuity between all outposts, basically acting as a blueprint for success.

As a franchise owner, you can expect to learn about the operational requirements of the business, sales and marketing strategies, brand guidelines, management techniques, extensive background on the products you offer, and how to optimize customer satisfaction. All of these elements are aimed to reduce the pitfalls and challenges that other non-franchise startups often face. 

Even better, the support doesn’t end after you have officially launched your business. Pet Wants provides franchise owners with ongoing product development, high impact marketing, and the support of a team of experts to assist with everything from operational concerns to customer service and more.

Franchise with Pet Wants

As one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States, Pet Wants offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own bosses as part of a winning brand in a broad and recession-resistant industry. 

Pet Wants has been a franchising standout since 2010 and was ranked as the #1 Pet Care Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. This year, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Pet Wants as a Top Low-Cost (under $100k) Franchise and as part of the Franchise 500.

If you are interested in a franchise that provides superior products and top-notch customer service while offering investors world-class training, support, and growth potential,, visit us to learn more about opportunities in your area.