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Keys to a Thriving Pet Food Franchise

Valued at over $36.9 billion, the United States pet food industry is booming! If you are hoping to break into the market by investing in a franchise, it’s important that you look for a brand that stands out.


As the owner of a pet food store, the quality of the products you sell to your customers will obviously be a top priority. Since most pet owners these days pay as much attention to their animals’ health and diet as they do their own, providing unique options that fit different dietary restrictions, breed categories, weight specifications, and more will make a memorable impression.

In 2010, Michelle Hobbs founded Pet Wants out of necessity when the food prescribed by a vet only seemed to be making her dog Jackson’s health problems worse. After starting with a limited run of food, Hobbs quickly found that other pet parents were enthusiastic about her fresh, healthy product, and business took off. Pet Wants pet food is unique from the bulk bags and overpriced niche brands because each variety is specifically formulated to provide the best nutrition for YOUR pet, made fresh without unnatural fillers or animal by-products, delivered right to your doorstep.

Since franchising began in 2015, Pet Wants has continued to focus on innovative product development and diet formulation to stay ahead of the industry curve. Pet Wants stands behind the belief that high quality brings high value.


As a franchisee, you probably want to enjoy being your own boss while also benefitting from the expertise and support of your brand. And whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you want a leadership team that is passionate about what they do and excited to share their success.

Pet Wants is composed of a group of experts from all corners of the pet industry. Experts who are able to help franchisees navigate the pet retail business at every stage. New franchisees undertake a week-long training program to learn all about the products and nutritional benefits of the brand, how to manage their businesses day-to-day, what they can expect in terms of operational support, and get to interact with other members of the Pet Wants community who are thriving.


While traditional advertising methods still work in many ways, the most valuable return you will get as a pet food store will come from word of mouth in your community. No one is more qualified to spread the word about your business than satisfied customers sharing positive feedback with their fellow pet parents. And of course, their happy, healthy fur friends will be walking advertisements for your products.

The nature of Pet Wants mobile franchise locations provides another level of built-in advertising. The mobile franchise consists of a portable display kiosk and a delivery vehicle decked out in Pet Wants signage that allows you to constantly promote your business around town and roll up to trade shows, community events, farmers markets, and other pet-related events while keeping your overhead low.


Pet Wants was ranked as the #1 Pet Care Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine and #2 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Franchise Gator in 2020. What started as a single-unit operation has expanded to over 100 franchise locations across the country in just five years, with an adaptable, scalable system that is primed for further growth.

If you are interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with Pet Wants, please visit us.