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Husband and Wife Team Up and Open Pet Wants of Sioux Falls

Brandner-Otten FamilyHerman and Melissa Otten have launched their first family business, Pet Wants Sioux Falls.

The Otten’s journey to Pet Wants started with their own health. After deciding to improve their own diets, they started a garden in their own backyard. Almost immediately they noticed changes in themselves from eating fresh eggs, meat and vegetables. That change made them wonder if their pets could experience a similar change just from eating higher quality food.

“As we made our own healthier choices, we started thinking about what we were feeding our pets. When we tried Pet Wants and saw great improvement in the coats, energy levels and quality of life in our own animals, we were inspired,” Melissa said.

After careers spent in public service and business ownership, Herman and Melissa knew they had the experience and passion to successfully run a Pet Wants Franchise. With their three children, Ally, Andrea and Hayden, they are looking forward to serving their community of Sioux Falls with their family run business.

To learn more about the Otten's and Pet Wants of Sioux Falls, click here.