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Don’t Let Your Passion For Pets Become Distant

After monitoring the impact COVID-19 has had on the community, the team at Pet Wants has prioritized the safety of our staff, franchise owners, and their customers in all our future endeavors. To adhere to current regulations, we have instated modifications to the discovery process to protect the health and well-being of candidates and the entire corporate team and maintain the same level of commitment and energy when supporting our current franchise owners and guiding potential new franchise owners.

Steve Kwon, the Senior Vice President of Franchising, applauds the organization for keeping the high intensity at Pet Wants. He commented: “I want to give kudos to our entire organization. Our rapid transition from face-to-face visits to a customized virtual experience ensures that Pet Wants candidates to remain safe in their homes. And like all our corporate visits, this allows them to participate in strategy sessions with our professional business coaches, meet with our leadership team to gameplan their business launch and path to success, learn to leverage our state-of-the-art technology and resources, and become acquainted with the culture at Pet Wants.”

It is times like these that make you realize how important it is to be part of a system that can quickly adapt and provide support when needed. Pet Wants was able to overcome current challenges and leverage expertise while working together to not only survive but thrive in these uncertain times.

Pet Wants Team

Pet Wants Operations Manager with Franchise Owners

Take This Time to Better Yourself

As the support of our team continues to adapt to the current situation, we want you to begin to take this time to better yourself. While many of us are spending time at home, it's wise to take a step back and think about where you are versus where you want to be. Now, there is more time to explore opportunities and figure out the next moves. If any change in your career was on the radar before, it can still be the perfect time to explore these opportunities and begin to pursue a new path. Based on historical data, the economy will recover [1] and America will recover.

Pet Wants has continually invested time into helping our candidates, not only by giving them more time to discover these dreams but making the process easier.

Pet Wants Invests in You

As you continue to better yourself, we want to make the process easier for you. With the given circumstances, we know making an investment right now is difficult. That is why Pet Wants has invested in our future owners by instilling flexible launch periods and lowered barriers to entry. We just want to talk with candidates to see if it’s a right fit and discuss options that benefit your future.

New Owners Group Picture

Pet Wants Operation Team and New Owners After Attending Training

The Virtual Visit

As stated above, Pet Wants has put the health and safety of candidates and our corporate office above all else. That is why we adopted a virtual corporate visit. The corporate visit is where candidates get to meet and engage with everyone on the Pet Wants team and learn about the marketing support, technology, and strategy, all from the safety of their own homes.

Rest assured, you will receive the full experience as coming to an in-person visit. These customized and interactive corporate visits will give you an overview of the support and strategy you receive when joining the Pet Wants team. The corporate visit is also the time where you can meet the entire operations and marketing team and ask them all your pending questions.

This new process ensures that our candidates will not have to travel in these uncertain times. Pet Wants is understanding of the current situation; that’s why we want to provide convenience and flexibility.

Pet Wants will be there to support you, no matter the circumstance.

Pet Wants Employee With Dogs

Pet Wants of Louisville

Pet Wants Franchises Through COVID-19

After seeing what the company is doing for future candidates, you may be curious how current owners are reacting to the current situation. Pet Wants has proven to be ahead of the curve by already ensuring a quick and essential delivery service to their customers. According to the Feds, Pet Food is recognized as an essential business, meaning that pet food is critical to maintaining the health and safety of society [2]

We want to thank our business owners for keeping up the energy and continuing to provide a fantastic service to their communities.

For more information and recommended safety precautions, visit https://www.cdc.gov/.

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