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Pet Wants Launches In The Woodlands

Eric Isenbarger, a resident of The Woodlands and single dad, is pleased to announce the launch of his new local pet food and supplies business, Pet Wants The Woodlands.

“I have been into personal nutrition and healthy eating for many years, but had been discouraged by the lack of true healthy options for our pets. Pet Wants offers the fresh, nutritionally-balanced and high-quality food, treats, and oils and creams pets need to live healthy lives. I can tell you what’s in all of our products and how they’re designed to help your pet, which is unique. I’m excited to be able to bring Pet Wants to the people and pets in my community,” Isenbarger said. 

Isenbarger has two elementary school-aged children and two dogs – a 14-year-old chocolate lab named Otto and a 2-year-old silver lab named Blue. He is the co-founder of Live Lake Conroe and the Annual Christmas Boat Parade of Lights on Lake Conroe. He also was one of the original co-founders of Viva! The Woodlands Magazine. He’s looking forward to serving his community in a new way through Pet Wants.

“I love my dogs and I want them to live long and fruitful lives free of ailments and disease and I know that what I feed them is a crucial component of a healthy life. Pet Wants is different because we’re not owned by a conglomerate and we truly care about pets. I am right here in this community and I’m looking forward to helping you learn about pet nutrition and then working with you find the best Pet Wants products for your pets’ individual needs,” Isenbarger said.

To learn more about Pet Wants The Woodlands, call 936-228-1871, email EIsenbarger@PetWants.com or visit http://www.petwants.com/thewoodlands.