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Connie and Scott Lynn Bring Pet Wants to Kissimmee, FL

When Connie and Scott Lynn’s son was in college at the University of Cincinnati, they found themselves walking through the city’s historic Findlay Market and came across a little store called Pet Wants. As the pet parents of three dogs, they went in expecting cute pet supplies, but they left with a small sample of the pet food. Now the two are pleased to announce the launch of their own Pet Wants in Kissimmee, Florida.

Connie and Scott Lynn, Pet Wants of Kissimmee, FL

“When we brought that first sample home, we set it on our kitchen island and started using the kibbles as treats. We were feeding them expensive food, but after they had the Pet Wants, our Jack Russell would just come over and stare at the counter. We switched her to Pet Wants first and now, as soon as we open the bin, they come running. We feel great knowing that they are getting the high-quality nutrition they need in a food they all love,” Connie said.

“When we moved to Florida, we realized how many people in our community have pets and finding quality food in our area is challenging. That’s why we decided to open our own Pet Wants here in Kissimmee,” she added

Connie and Scott have three dogs – Louie, Radar and Zeva – as well as two kids, Chelsea and Robbie. They lived in Hilliard, Ohio, and moved to Florida after retiring last year. They have enjoyed meeting the people in the community, including their dogs, and that’s part of what inspired them to launch Pet Wants Kissimmee.

“We love meeting people and their pets – Scott has always done that wherever we lived – and we’re excited that Pet Wants will give us the opportunity to do more of that. Pet Wants offers amazing products that our own pets love and we’re looking forward to providing those products to people here in the Kissimmee area,” Connie said.

To learn more about Pet Wants Kissimmee, visit www.petwants.com/Kissimmee.