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Thomas and Adriana Allt Launch Pet Wants Twin Falls

Congratulations to the latest Pet Wants owners, Thomas and Adriana Allt, who are pleased to announce the launch of their new pet food and supply business – Pet Wants Twin Falls.

“We always wanted to be business owners and we had looked at a variety of business opportunities over the years. While I was on the road to recovery, we decided we wanted to bring Pet Wants to south-central Idaho. Pet Wants allows us to work with animals, serve the community and bring fresh, high-quality pet products to The Magic Valley while having the flexibility to spend time with our family and friends and make a positive impact on the community,” Thomas said.

Thomas and Adriana Allt, Pet Wants of Twin Falls

When Thomas and Adriana moved to Idaho, they were excited to start their new lives. After living in California and working corporate jobs, Thomas had decided to move into the trucking industry and Adriana was going to be able to stay home with the kids. Within two years, the couple bought a truck and Thomas started a new journey as an owner/operator but, after only three months, a trucking accident left him with major injuries and without sight in his right eye. Now, after recovering and deciding to take a new path that truly spoke to their passions.

“Pet Wants’ food and our complementary products are fresh, high-quality and personally delivered right to your door. There’s no more wondering what’s in the food or making a special trip to a big box pet store for food that has likely been sitting in a warehouse for a few months,” Thomas said. “Food makes a huge difference on quality of life, both for people and for pets. And we know that, when pets are happy and healthy, pet parents are happy and healthy too.”

Thomas and Adriana have four kids – Carissa (14), Tommy (12), Julian (7) and William (5) – and quite a few pets, including two dogs (Kaladin and Rainbow), two goats (Dragon and Unicorn), three chickens, two guinea pigs (Hershey and Marshmellow), a Chinchilla named Gizmo and a cat named Popcorn. As huge pet lovers, they are excited to be able to make it easy and convenient for people in The Magic Valley to feed their pets fresh, high-quality food and Adriana is excited to be making a difference in a new way.

 “After three years of being a stay at home mom, I started to feel like I wanted to do more. I still wanted to be home, but I wanted a job or a business that allowed me to connect with people, be of service, and something that allowed me to still be around my family including my beloved dogs. Feeding my dogs quality food has always been important to me so, when we found Pet Wants, it just felt right. We are excited to be part of something special and we are looking forward to serving the community in a new way as the owners of Pet Wants Twin Falls,” Adriana said.

To learn more about Pet Wants Twin Falls, visit http://www.PetWants.com/TwinFalls.