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Pet Wants Cincinnati Wins the Founder’s Award of Excellence

When Michele Hobbs and Amanda Broughton created Pet Wants, they were trying to find a solution to their own dog’s health issues and allergies. They knew fresh, high-quality food would make a difference, but they also needed convenience. Nothing on the market was meeting their needs and so Pet Wants was born. To recognize their vision, tenacity and leadership, the Pet Wants operations and leadership created a new award in their honor – the Founder’s Award of Excellence. Hobbs and Broughton were presented with the first annual Founder’s Award of Excellence at the Pet Wants national conference on February 19, 2019.

“Michele and Amanda have touched the lives of every single person who has experienced Pet Wants – our franchisees, corporate team members, franchisee team members and, most importantly, our customers and their pets. They have shed a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears in support of the Pet Wants products, brand and franchise and it’s my honor to recognize their passion and entrepreneurial spirit by creating the Founder’s Award of Excellence and presenting the first one to Michele and Amanda,” Pet Wants President Scott Hoots said.

Michele and Amanda founded Pet Wants in 2010 and, after seeing the demand for their products and the success of the business, they sold a few franchises nearby. In 2015, they partnered Franchise Funding Group to help jumpstart their growth and, within three years, the company was up to nearly 100 franchises.

“It’s nice to know the legacy of Pet Wants now has an award that others can aspire to win. We hear from franchisees repeatedly that they bought into the franchise system specifically because of our enthusiasm and passion, which is what has driven our success from the beginning. Knowing that people recognize that passion and that enthusiasm is so encouraging as we work to build Pet Wants well into the future,” Hobbs said.

Although the franchise growth has been exciting and Hobbs and Broughton are pleased to welcome new franchisees to the “pack,” the growth has also created some challenges for them locally. With local franchisees surrounding the city of Cincinnati, especially on the west side and in Northern Kentucky, their own service area and business has been reduced to mostly the urban core of Cincinnati and their stores in Over-the-Rhine.

“We’ve spent the last couple years re-focusing on our core metro customers and finding new avenues into businesses and homes to increase our delivery sales. As we look at the rest of 2019, we expect to continue those rebuilding efforts as we look to book more than 200 events outside of operating our two stores, the office and delivery. We recently leased a new 5,000-square-foot logistics facility to more efficiently operate our delivery and store operations. We’re looking forward to the future,” Hobbs said.

To learn more about Pet Wants Cincy, call the Pet Wants Cincy Kitchen at 513-621-DOGS(3647), email info@PetWantsCincy.com or visit https://www.petwantscincy.com/.