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The Pet Wants Promise to Pet Families

Pet Wants pet food franchise is one of the fastest-growing pet food franchises in the U.S., with almost 80 locations nationwide as of summer 2018.

Proper nutrition is an important topic in almost every household. It’s a topic that effects each person in a family, down to our beloved pets. The demand for premium, fresh pet food, free of animal by-products and non-nutritious fillers is strong and steadily growing.

Our mission is to improve pets:

  • Health
  • Vitality
  • Longevity

….all through better nutrition and education.

We do this by providing:

  • The highest quality of pet food, custom treats and high-end pet accessories
  • Tailored advice and solutions for pet’s specific life-state, needs and issues

Our Pet Wants promise:

Fresh is Better

We craft fresh pet food in small batches, slow cooked to lock in nutrients. The food is delivered within weeks of being made while it’s still at the height of its nutritional value. (Mass-produced commercial pet food is shipped to distributors and can sit on warehouse shelves for 12-18 months, before arriving at retail store shelves to sit even longer, losing nutritional value.)

Easy and Convenient

Regular deliveries right to your door, with automatic subscription service options. Our owners work with each consumer to determine the right type and quantity of food based on the pet’s breed, size, age and activity level.

We Deliver Solutions

Our franchise owners are not veterinarians or pet medical professionals, but they have years of experience and are well-educated in natural nutrition and pet health.

They are pet nutrition specialists and help deliver natural solutions for pet’s nutritional needs or to overcome common challenges such as: constant scratching, biting or chewing paws, weight gain or less or allergy symptoms.

With better nutrition and education, pet families gain happiness and peace of mind knowing that they are doing the very best they can to love, care for, and feed their four-legged family members.