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New Business Owners Find Their Way in Franchising

If you have ever wanted to start your own business, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got good news for you. Franchising has helped millions of entrepreneurs take their first steps into the exciting life found by those who own their own business. Is your head cocked to the side in curiosity? Then read on!

How Does Franchising Help First-Timers?

Franchising takes the best approach to training. Think about it, do you give your dog a lecture on how to behave, give him some reading material, and hope for the best? No, you actually walk with him and teach him. Eventually, you don’t have to guide him constantly – he knows what to do, and might even find improvements to achieve the desired outcome. If that methodology works on dogs, just imagine how much more effective it is when used with humans – who are not only more intelligent, but they are definitely going to be reading books and working to better themselves on their own.

That’s what franchising is like – your business training is running your business, with an experienced guide walking beside you every step of the way until the day you can truly be “unleashed” and let your creativity take an already proven concept and improve it for your situation.

What Specifically Are You Getting?

1) National Brand and Reputation
What pops in your mind when I say “dog”? Probably a lot of different images. Now, what if I saw, “Great Dane”? A very specific image popped in your mind that time. If you start your own business, and you say, “I’m in the pet business,” people have a vague idea of what you mean – including some things they may not like, perhaps due to bad experiences or certain ideals that many large chain vendors fall short on. But when you say, “I own a Pet Wants pet nutrition store,” people think natu, fresh, and healthy food for their four-legged friends. That’s invaluable.

2) Proven Methodologies
First, your franchisor will train you on the system that has proven effective across the nation and in various types of communities everywhere.

Second, at Pet Wants, you get it from fellow franchisees. With exclusive territories. We are not competitors. We are a pack. What helps one helps the group.

3) Technology
Operating software, digital presence, business tools, phone answering systems… everything you need you’ll find here, and we’ve already vetted all of them.

4) Marketing Collateral
Websites, printed materials, branded clothing, operating systems… you need it, we got it, ready for your use.

Basically, when you buy a franchise, you are buying your own team of professional experts and resources. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and a Franchise Director will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.