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Pet Wants Pet Food Franchise Appeals to Millennial Customers

Millennials are a coveted demographic in the pet industry, and our premium pet food franchise fills a powerful niche

A recent article in AdWeek took a look at that mysterious, millennial generation and how millennials relate to their pets. The results are good news for Pet Wants franchise owners, because many millennials view their four-legged friends as “starter children,” according to AdWeek.

“Marketers say they’ve noticed that the perception of pets has changed with this generation,” AdWeek writes. “And they can take that animals-as-kids perspective to the bank.”

Pet Wants franchise cuts right to this demographic with our a premium pet food franchise, which offers pet owners an alternative to the made-last-year bagged food that’s been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves. Our premium pet food is manufactured from whole ingredients — there are no by-products in Pet Wants foods — every 30 days and delivered in bulk to the franchisee. The result is a nutrition-rich, delicious food that is better for pets and doesn’t devastate owners’ pocketbooks. With two franchise models available — a mobile delivery model and a retail store model — Pet Wants is attracting a new generation of pet lovers, and here’s how.

Pet Wants premium pet food is nutritious

Compare the ingredients from the back of the bag of dog food at the store with the ingredients in Pet Wants premium pet food, and chances are a few things will stand out. First of call, you’ll be able to pronounce all of the ingredients. Also, that store brand has been sitting there for a long time. In the world of nutrition, shelf-time is nutritional value.

“The way people regard their animals, they’re family members,” says Betsy Kuhr, Franchise Sales Consultant for Pet Wants. “They want to do the best they can, providing their pets with the same nutrition they get themselves. Pet Wants becomes the pet food nutrition resource for our city.”

Pet Wants pet foods are made with fresh, healthy ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet in every bowl. Millennials pay attention to the nutrition they’re feeding their pets — and the potential for allergies, skin and coat, hip and joint pain. They know they can trust Pet Wants, because our owners love their pets just like they do.

Pet Wants meets millennials where they are

Millennials love farmers’ markets, craft shows and community events — the very places the Pet Wants mobile kiosk is designed to go. As these pet lovers are browsing the farmers’ market, chances are their beloved dog is in tow.

“This really is a business that’s part of the community,” says Scott Hoot, Pet Wants Brand President. “Pet Wants is out there, meeting people and their pets where they are, telling the Pet Wants story and providing a premium, nutritious alternative to run-of-the-mill pet foods from the grocery store.”

Best of all, Pet Wants home delivery model taps into the subscription box vibe that’s revolutionizing online commerce. Young professionals can order just the food they need from their desks at work or their cell phones, and that food is there, waiting for them when they need it. Many customers even set up automatic delivery, which translates to revenue you can count on to help plan for your business’s growth.

With more than 70 locations in 26 states, Pet Wants franchise is one of the fastest growing and most recognizable names in the premium pet food space. Momentum is building, too, and that means it’s a great time to become a Pet Wants owner.

Bring Pet Wants to your community today

You can bring Pet Wants to your community today! Initial investment begins at just $56,830 for a mobile franchise and ranges up to $191,000 for a retail franchise. For more information, visit our franchise information website, where you can download our free Franchise Information Report or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner.