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Pet Wants Mobile Franchise Grows with You

Scale our affordable mobile pet food franchise into a retail pet lover’s hub

Pet Wants franchise is an affordable business opportunity in the massive, $22 billion pet food industry, and with our affordable mobile franchise model, you can enter this potentially lucrative market for even less. In fact, many of Pet Wants owners join the brand with a mobile franchise and grow the business into a retail operation.

The Pet Wants mobile franchise is simple to operate and affordable to own. This makes it the ideal business for younger entrepreneurs who’re just setting out or for retirees looking to jump back into the workforce. As your customer base grows, so does the potential for a retail location, as brand president Scott Hoots explains.

“Pet Wants mobile franchise is a complete, stand-alone business, but it does have the potential to scale into a retail operation, which is what many of our franchisees have done,” Scott says. “The mobile franchise has numerous benefits that make it a great incubator for a thriving customer base, and as it grows, that customer base becomes a solid foundation for a retail store.”

Pet Wants is a premium pet franchise that offers pet owners an alternative to the made-last-year bagged food that’s been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves. Our premium pet food is manufactured from whole ingredients — there are no by-products in Pet Wants foods — every 30 days and delivered in bulk to the franchisee. The result is a nutrition-rich, delicious food that provides more nutrition for pets and doesn’t devastate owners’ pocketbooks. Our two franchise models are designed to grow with you, and here’s how a mobile franchise can help you build for success.

Pet Wants mobile franchises are affordable to open

Many franchises require hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars of capital investment in brick-and-mortar, an investment that’s slow to recoup. Owning a Pet Wants mobile franchise allows owners to avoid the costly overhead associated with physical real estate by focusing on the business’s unique, home delivery model.

“When you think about the typical pet store franchise, there are fixtures, flooring, lighting – and in most cases, quite literally brick and mortar, and all of that costs big bucks that can take years to pay off,” Scott says. “Instead of sinking all of those costs into a building, Pet Wants gives owners the opportunity to be up and running with no construction costs and minimal out-of-pocket investments.”

The mobile franchise features a delivery vehicle with an attractively branded wrap, a portable kiosk that invites pet lovers to step up, visit, and learn about the product – and somewhere to store the product. Many franchise owners utilize a climate controlled warehouse, a garage or even a spare room in their house.

This mobile pet food franchise is cheap to operate

Without a retail store operating on fixed hours, there are few, if any, employees needed beyond the owner. That means a Pet Wants mobile franchise is inexpensive to run.

“You’re the initial labor force,” Scott says. “You can attend the farmers’ markets and craft fairs, get out and network and introduce the product, and make all the deliveries yourself. Pet Wants mobile franchises are great investments for husband-wife teams, families with working-aged children, or even sole-operators who don’t plan on hiring employees.”

As the customer base grows and you are able to project your revenues months and even years out, the investment in a retail franchise becomes the next step in growing the Pet Wants franchise brand in your market. Pet Wants even makes that step affordable, too.

Grow from a mobile to retail franchise and just pay the difference

When your Pet Wants franchise has grown to the level where you’re ready to open a retail franchise location, you don’t have to pay the full franchise fee. Instead, you simply pay the difference – roughly $10,000. This helps keep the costs associated with growing your business low.

“You’ve established the brand, you’re growing a business, and we want you to grow,” Scott says. “Instead of sending lots more money in to the franchise company, we charge a nominal upgrade fee and free up your capital to remain where you need it most – growing your company.”

Best of all, both your Pet Wants mobile and retail franchise operations are eligible to take part in the Pet Wants Winners Circle, an innovative program that allows franchisees to earn back their franchise fees – money they can then invest in growing their territory, adding new territories, or simply recouping investment.

Bring Pet Wants to your community today

You can bring Pet Wants to your community today! Initial investment begins at just $56,830 for a mobile franchise and ranges up to $191,000 for a retail franchise. For more information, visit our franchise information website, where you can download our free Franchise Information Report or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner.