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3 Reasons Pet Wants Franchise Is Growing!

Our pet food franchise is tapping into a powerful market at just the right time

Pet lovers across the country are discovering the importance of pet nutrition, and Pet Wants franchise is poised to become a national brand as a result. That means there’s huge potential for business owners who join our pet food franchise. Brand president Rick Billups explains.

“Now is a great time to own a Pet Wants franchise because the pet food market is changing,” says Rick, who has worked in the pet food industry for more than 20 years. “Pet lovers spend more on their pets than ever before, they’re paying close attention to the nutrition, and so far, no single brand has captivated the market. We’re capitalizing on all of that.”

Pet Wants is a premium pet franchise that offers pet owners an alternative to the made-last-year bagged food that’s been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves. Our premium pet food is manufactured from whole ingredients — there are no by-products in Pet Wants foods — every 30 days and delivered in bulk to the franchisee. The result is a nutrition-rich, delicious food that is better for pets and doesn’t devastate owners’ pocketbooks. With two franchise models available — a mobile delivery model and a retail store model — Pet Wants is growing rapidly, and here are just a few reasons why.

The market for healthy pet foods is exploding

With more than 163 million dogs and cats in America today, the pet food industry clocks in at more than $22 billion a year. That’s a lot of kibble for our four-legged friends, and the market is changing. Now more than ever, nutrition is playing a role in what owners decide to feed their pets.

“People love their pets, but for years the idea of pet nutrition was driven by what was cheapest at the grocery store,” Rick says. “Now consumers have started to label-shop pet food just like they shop for their own groceries. They’re paying attention to what’s in pet food — the calorie count and the freshness. That’s where Pet Wants shines.”

IBISWorld reports that pet lovers spend more than $8 billion a year on premium, nutritious dog and cat foods — more than a third of all pet food purchases. Pet Wants franchise addresses this demand directly with a nutrition-rich kibble that’s made of whole ingredients and delivered fresh to franchise owners in bulk, so customers buy only as much food as they need. This keeps food fresher, pets healthier and your business humming.

No national competitors

In spite of the huge market segment that healthy pet foods occupies, the market is highly fragmented among specialty foods at big-box retailers, expensive prescription diets from the veterinarian’s office and whatever mom-and-pop pet stores can cobble together. No single competitor has emerged to become the dominant force in the space. That means there’s a remarkable opportunity for Pet Wants to step into a leadership role.

“Whenever I visit one of our stores, I meet pet owners who are just blown away at the difference our food makes. They tell their friends, they share the food with family members, and they become brand ambassadors for Pet Wants,” Rick says. “Everywhere Pet Wants goes, we’re finding a strong demand — and that grows even stronger when we add in home delivery of the products.”

Whether they’re getting pet food delivered to their door or visiting a Pet Wants store with their beloved pet in tow, our customers quickly make Pet Wants a part of their routine.

Pet Wants franchise is built to compete on a national scale

With exploding demand for our product, highly visible branding and a rapidly expanding brand footprint, Pet Wants is positioned to become a dominant force in the national market for premium pet foods. We’re growing rapidly in cities across the country, and new owners are joining the system every month.

“I believe that in just a few years, everyone will know about Pet Wants, because we’ve built a franchise system that’s truly a national competitor,” Rick says. “No other brand is offering what we offer, and we’re excited about the future.”

Bring Pet Wants to your community today

You can bring Pet Wants to your community today! Initial investment begins at just $56,830 for a mobile franchise and ranges up to $191,000 for a retail franchise. For more information, visit our franchise information website, where you can download our free Franchise Information Report or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner.