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Pet Wants Franchise Embraces Non-GMO Pet Food Trends

Pet Wants franchise meets pet owner demand for non-GMO pet food

When people say they love their pets like members of their own family, they’re serious — and their spending proves it. This year, the market for health-conscious pet foods and treats will top $8 billion — in a total pet food market of $22 billion, according to IBIS World. People want the best for their pets, just as they do for their human family members, and they’re willing to pay for the highest quality.

This is where Pet Wants franchise comes in. Aside from a few local-only operations that sell pet kibble off their front porch, consumers’ choices for where to get fresh pet food that is free from harmful ingredients are limited to their own kitchens or nothing at all. With Pet Wants, pet owners get all the benefits they would get from making their pet food at home — including the convenience of home delivery — without any of the mess, guesswork or hassle.

Providing food with non-GMO ingredients is a particularly important part of our mission as a company. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are simply unacceptable for our customers and their pets. We’re proud to offer a pet food that, in addition to its many other health benefits, is free of GMOs.

Pet Wants caters to health-conscious pet owners

A recent survey by Health Focus International determined that more than 87% of consumers believe GMOs are less healthy than non-GMO products. Pet owners don’t want to feed their furry family members unhealthy foods any more than they want to put them in their own bodies. Pet Wants understands this desire, making food and treats that owners can feel safe giving to their pets.

Most pet food brands are formulated for a shelf life measured in years, and they are manufactured in massive amounts that are shipped in bulk to a packaging facility. The time between manufacturing and packaging is usually months, and then it can sit in a supplier’s warehouse for a year or more before it’s ever sent to the retailer’s distribution center. That spells bad news for food quality, our founder Michele Hobbs explains.

“When you formulate kibble for a shelf life that’s months or years long, you have to pack it full of fillers and stabilizers,” Michele says. “That extra bulk sucks out nutritional value, and the nutrition deteriorates even further while that bag is sitting on the shelf. With Pet Wants, your customers know that that pet food was manufactured — not shipped or delivered, but made — within the last 30 days. That’s why we can avoid all the fillers, all the stabilizers, and focus on wholesome ingredients.”

Non-GMO pet food market is expanding rapidly

In the $22 billion pet food market, the most rapidly expanding segment is non-GMO, low- or no-filler natural kibble, clocking in at almost $8 billion. Pet Wants introduces a new, vital element to this market — fresh pet food.

Pet Wants owners spend a considerable amount of time introducing our fresh pet foods to their market, and once pet owners see the benefits, they become Pet Wants customers for months and even years. This loyalty-driven, recurring revenue is something most franchisees can only dream of, but at Pet Wants it’s the norm.

The number of pets is continuing to climb, too. According to the ASPCA, more than 44% of households in America own a dog. Another 35% of families own cats. That means a lot of people are buying a lot of kibble every day. With more than 163 million dogs and cats in the U.S., and as millennials become pet owners for the first time, the demand for premium pet food products is growing. That means it’s a great time to be a part of Pet Wants.

Join the growing non-GMO pet food industry

There has never been a better time to open a Pet Wants franchise. We’re looking for people who are devoted to the cause of growing a premium pet food brand and bringing the knowledge and value of Pet Wants to their communities.

If the opportunity to provide s non-GMO, custom pet food excites you, we would love to discuss franchising opportunities. To learn more, download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.