Why Does My Dog Bark at Certain Dogs And Not Others?

Why Does My Dog Bark at Certain Dogs and Not Others?

May 12


 A puzzling issue that many dog owners face is when they go out for a walk, their dog may bark at certain other dogs. Where this behavior gets puzzling is the dog may not react at all to other dogs. If you’ve been wondering what causes this behavior, you will have all your answers by the time you finish reading this post.

The simple answer to the question is that dogs don’t automatically like all other dogs. Just as there are almost certainly people who you don’t particularly care for, the same is true with dogs. As any dog owner knows, these animals have very unique personalities. That’s why there is an entire spectrum of how a dog may react to others.

On one end of the spectrum is dogs who always have an aggressive reaction to others. Then on the other end of the spectrum are dogs who are friendly to every single dog they encounter. Those two ends of the spectrum are the minority of dogs. Where most dogs fall is somewhere in the middle. This means they’ll have a positive reaction to some dogs and what an owner may view as a less than ideal one to others.

What Goes Into a Dog’s Like or Dislike of Others?

The way that a dog flip flops between friendly and somewhat aggressive reactions to other dogs may seem completely random. However, dogs actually have a way of communicating with each other and it influences how they feel about others. The reason owners don’t pick up on this communication between dogs is humans can’t see it.

When a dog determines their initial impression of another, it’s generally based on the dog’s body language and how the dog smells. The combination of these two things can be enough for a dog to decide whether they like or dislike another dog. Keep in mind that dogs can pick up another dog’s scent from a distance. That’s why your dog may get excited or start barking before you even notice that another dog is in the area.

In addition to using a combination of body language and scent to judge another dog, your pet may also react based on past experiences. For example, if your dog got into a tussle with a large brown dog, it may immediately get on edge when it encounters another dog with the same physical characteristics. There are also situations where your dog barks at another because your dog is being possessive of you.
Even though it may not always seem ideal to have a dog that sometimes barks at others, this behavior is completely normal and isn’t something you need to worry about. – Pet Wants

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