Pet Wants Retail Franchise Model

With a Pet Wants retail franchise, you can become a local institution

With a remarkably small footprint, Pet Wants retail franchises are affordable options for individuals who want to own a retail store but don’t want the costly overhead associated with larger pet chain franchises. In fact, many of our stores occupy less than 1,500 square feet and require just two employees.

pet wants retail franchises are placed in trendy areas

Like our mobile franchise, you make deliveries in a Pet Wants vehicle and attend community events. Getting out in the community, delivering our premium, fresh pet food, and growing your customer base are all made easier with a retail store. Just ask Chuck Ryan, who owns a Pet Wants retail store in Chicago, which he operates with his wife, Ewa.

“We’ve actually had a couple of people who have come to our store who were looking to open up franchises in different parts of the Chicago metropolitan area, and I always encourage people that a store front is the way to go,” says Chuck, who opened last year. “It gives you the exposure of a retail location, and I think it’s better than a mobile franchise because, when you are trying to share the story about your food, they want to know where your store is.”

Pet Wants franchisor carries goods from one side of the store to the next

Pet Wants retail franchises don’t have to be in ritzy shopping malls or expensive strip centers. While foot traffic is nice, our third-party referral system means it’s not a necessary ingredient in growing your Pet Wants franchise. Instead, as your customers get to know the value of Pet Wants food and the impact it has on their pets’ lives, they spread the word. That drives traffic to your website and into the store, where your drive to grow Pet Wants comes into play. The secret is simple enough to Chuck.

“You have to be passionate about dogs, about pets, and about wanting to help and serve people,” Chuck says. “That’s why it was a perfect fit for us. We have three dogs of our own. It’s nice and reassuring to see people come in with their dogs and see the dog wagging its tail because you’re giving it a treat.”

pet wants retail franchises sells to all types of dogs and cats

Even though opening a retail location is slightly more expensive than owning a Pet Wants mobile franchise, it’s still remarkably affordable. Startup costs for a Pet Wants retail franchise range from $99,350 to $191,000, which is tens, even hundreds, of thousands dollars less than big-box pet franchises.  You can weigh the costs of opening both Pet Wants mobile and retail franchises on the following page, or you can join Pet Wants today.

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