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Pet Wants has huge potential — one delivery customer at a time

Pet Wants pet food franchise opportunities benefit from our high-margin products delivered right to the doors of eager, faithful pet lovers. The unique recurring delivery model — owners specify the frequency they want deliveries — allows you to project revenues out farther than traditional franchise operations and make long-term plans for staffing and growth. Founder Michele Hobbs grew her Pet Wants location in Cincinnati to gross revenues in excess of $1.2 million in just five years.

Pet Wants pup eagerly awaiting his pet food delivery. Thanks to Pet Wants pet food franchise opportunities

While we can’t say how much a particular Pet Wants franchise location will earn, we believe that Michele’s store in the heart of Cincinnati is a great location to illustrate the earnings potential of the systems we’ve developed — and that Michele’s location demonstrates how those systems are portable to other markets. After all, Cincinnati is a good blend of economic and social demographics, so it stands to reason it’s a good cross-section of the American pet food market.

We’ve been tracking the store’s performance for a while, and here is what we’ve seen.

Historical Revenue of LAC143*:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Revenue $275,353 $496,211 $670,051 $962,749 $1,207,589 $1,290,577
Delivery Revenue $71,947 $165,903 $272,669 $354,497 $683,317 $531,815

* Presented here are historic figures for total revenue and delivery revenue by year for LAC143’s delivery and retail operations since 2011 (its first full year of operation). These may not be relied upon as a projection or forecast of what a new Pet Wants franchisee may experience.

Part of the growth picture of Michele’s store is told in the year-to-year increases her location has enjoyed. From 2011 to 2012, for example, revenues grew more than 80%. Other years saw growth in excess of 20%. This chart outlines the year-over-year growth of revenues for Pet Wants Cincinnati:

% Increase 2011 - 2012 % Increase 2012 - 2013 % Increase 2013 - 2014 % Increase 2014 - 2015 % Increase 2015 - 2016 Average % Increase
80% 35% 44% 25% 6.8% 38%

1 – LAC143 formerly derived a portion of its revenue from serving “open” areas outside its franchise territory. In calendar year 2016, these “open” areas were acquired by new franchise owners and LAC143 stopped serving these territories.

Our fresh pet food franchise offers new owners the chance to win back their initial franchise fee

Pet Wants is a unique franchise concept in the pet food and pet care industry. Our Pet Wants franchise owners grow their businesses through home delivery and retail counter sales of our fresh pet kibble made with whole, healthy ingredients to provide complete nutrition for dogs and cats. Pet Wants stands out in the $70 billion pet care industry because, no matter what other foods advertise, they cannot deliver their products as fast or with the nutritional value of Pet Wants pet food. While most franchise systems believe that they have a business model that will be successful, Pet Wants doubles down on the notion that our model has the potential for long-term success with our innovative Pet Wants Winner’s Circle program.

Listen to Chairman and Pet Wants franchise co-founder Gary Green explain the program in the video below:

The Winner’s Circle is a program designed to reimburse franchisees for the entire cost of the franchise fee if certain performance criteria are met over the period of four years.

Ready to bring Pet Wants to your community? The time is now!

Pet Wants is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns, with the total investment estimate to begin operations ranging from $56,830 – $191,000. Pet Wants mobile franchise is a home-based business, with little overhead and no buildout costs or brick and mortar expenses. Our retail franchise model requires a smaller footprint than big-box retailers, and when combined with our mobile franchise, this makes Pet Wants a remarkable opportunity to join the exploding natural, pet food market. The franchise fee for your first territory is $38,500 for a Pet Wants mobile franchise and $48,500 for a Pet Wants retail franchise.

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