Who Makes a Good Pet Wants Franchise Owner?

Our pet food franchise owners come from all walks of life

Put a bowl of Pet Wants in front of a dog or a cat, and place next to it a bowl of another brand of pet food. See which one they go for. That’s the quality of Pet Wants food. Unfortunately for us, pets don’t make their own buying decisions.

pet wants franchise owners smiling happily behind the counter of their new retail store.

That’s where Pet Wants franchisees come in. They have a passion for pets, they believe in the value of whole nutrition for their pets, and most importantly, they’re entrepreneurs driven by the desire to grow a business and generate revenues.

“Pet Wants owners spend a lot of time getting to know the pet community, becoming a part of the local support network of veterinarians, pet clubs and farmers’ markets,” says Garret Hinojosa, Franchise Business Consultant for Pet Wants. “They have to have the passion for getting out in the community and sharing the Pet Wants story with the pet lovers in their markets.”

pet wants kiosk local goods for your favorite local pet—two owners pose with their beloved pup

Here are a few of the qualities we’re looking for in a Pet Wants franchise owner:

  • Passionate about pets: You’ve got to love pets to want to be a part of Pet Wants. Our four-legged friends are as big a part of this business as the owners who buy our foods.
  • A desire to educate your clients: Pet Wants is a new-to-market product, and many pet owners won’t understand the value of serving fresh pet foods to their pets. That’s your job to explain, and if you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge, your business will grow.
  • Experience running a business: You don’t have to know everything to own a successful Pet Wants franchise, but business management experience goes a long way. You’ll need to hire employees, become a member of local organizations and be comfortable getting out in the business community.
  • The drive to actively grow your brand: Pet Wants franchise isn’t a business for the absentee owner. Our Pet Wants franchisees are active, vital parts of their business, and they take part every day in overseeing its operations.

In addition to these personal qualities, Pet Wants franchise owners should also meet the financial requirements necessary for opening a Pet Wants mobile or retail franchise location.

Financial Qualifications for Pet Wants ownership:

Liquid Capital Required $50,000
Net Worth Required $250,000
Total Investment $56,830 to $191,000


Pet Wants franchise is an affordable, easy-to-own and fun business to operate. Best of all, we’ve assembled a top-notch team to support you in your growth and success. Read on to see how we help our franchise owners achieve success, or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner today.


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