Prepping Your Pet For All Your Holiday Visitors

Pets and the Holidays

Nov 17

Pets and the Holidays

More visitors?

November is here, which means everyone is quickly ramping into the holiday season. Although this time of year can feel like a whirlwind, there are a lot of things to enjoy. As you’re pulling together all your plans for different holiday events, one issue you’ll probably be thinking about is hosting visitors at your home. Whether they’re stopping by for a party or staying with you to celebrate, people are a huge part of what makes this season so special.

Even though there are plenty of reasons to be happy and excited for holiday visitors, you shouldn’t feel guilty if part of your emotions involve stress. Hosting visitors for any amount of time does require some work. Fortunately, you can help minimize your stress and maximize your enjoyment of this experience by taking care of your planning sooner rather than later.

As you’re going through all of the tasks you need to do before your guests’ arrival, as well as any important things to remember while they’re in your home, one issue to keep in mind is how your pet is going to feel. Just about every dog and cat owner knows from personal experience that these animals all have very unique personalities.

Some pets thrive with strangers, while others have reservations about someone new coming into their space. And there are plenty of animals who simply aren’t comfortable with this type of change. Since it’s natural to want your pet to enjoy all of the holiday festivities as well, here are our top tips to prep your pet for lots of new faces:

Start with the Front Door

Plenty of dogs get very excited when someone knocks or the doorbell is rung. Cats can also get quite worked up about this type of activity. While it may not be possible to completely break your pet of that habit in a short amount of time, a useful tip for both dogs and cats is to exercise them prior to guests arriving.

Then once they’ve burned their energy, you’ll want to ensure they have a safe and comfortable space to themselves. Initially putting your pet in this type of area and then bringing your dog or cat out for an introduction once all your visitors have settled in will minimize negative reactions in your pet related to stress. Keeping your pet’s food in this location will help prevent it from getting territorial in other areas of your home.

Special Considerations for Younger Visitors

Chances are all your adult visitors will understand how to be polite with your pet and respect any boundaries. But the same isn’t always true for children. If younger visitors want to interact with your pet, emphasize the importance of staying calm and be sure to supervise at all times. It’s also best to avoid feeding your pet when there are any kids in the process of wanting to play.

By being strategic about dealing with front door noise, creating the right space for your pet and using extra caution with younger visitors, you’ll be able to make all holiday interactions in your home quite pleasant for your dog or cat!

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