Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm in Winter

Dec 07

It’s quite common for cats to have an independent spirit. That’s especially true for cats that spend part or all of their time outside. While cats who enjoy being outside can be quite strong physically and mentally, the cold of winter can still present a significant challenge. So whether you have a cat who likes to be outside a lot or you take care of a neighborhood cat that lives outside, we want to share the best tips for helping them stay warm throughout the winter:

Provide Food Every Day

If the cat you’re taking care of is your pet, providing quality cat food every single day is an obvious responsibility during the winter and the rest of the year. But if you’re caring for an outdoor cat that just likes to come around your home, the importance of daily consistency may not be as obvious at first.

There are two reasons why daily feeding is essential for outdoor cats during the winter. First, not all cats have a strong hunting instinct. And second, even if a cat does have the drive to hunt for its food, well-fed cats will have more success at this activity than those struggling with hunger.

One other useful tip for outdoor feeding is to use dry food since you won’t have to worry about it freezing even when the temperature drops extremely low.

Create the Right Shelter

In addition to a consistent food source, the other most important thing for an outdoor cat to have during this season is shelter from harsh winter temperatures and conditions. When you’re thinking about potential options for shelter, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. You want the cat to have enough space to be comfortable but not so much space that other outdoor critters may try crawling in as well. It’s also best to place the shelter in a spot that provides maximum protection from the wind.

2 Other Important Ways to Provide Warmth

Food and shelter go a very long way towards keeping outdoor cats safe through even the worst of winter conditions. Just remember that fresh water is very essential. Whether it’s regularly changing the water, using a heated bowl or placing the water near a source of heat, this will prevent the cat from needing to struggle to get water.

On the subject of heat sources, some people use enclosed oil-filled radiator heaters to provide warmth. While this isn’t an absolute requirement for an outdoor cat, it’s a good option if you’re looking for a safe and cost-effective way to keep an outdoor cat shelter as warm as possible.

By providing food every day, creating the right shelter, preventing fresh water from freezing and using a heater if necessary, you can keep any special cat in your life healthy and strong throughout even the coldest parts of the winter.

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