Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy and Active


Nov 17


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Winter is a really special time of the year. Not only does the arrival of this season bring the holidays with it, but after lots of hot weather, cooler temperatures can be quite nice (at least until they start dropping really low). If you have a cat, it may spend most of its time inside your home. And even if it does go out some, chances are that type of activity is limited or put on hold during the winter.

Although research shows that cats can be completely happy and fulfilled with an indoor existence, it’s important to keep them stimulated on a consistent basis. Not only is ongoing activity important for the mental state of an indoor cat, but not letting your pet lead an excessively lazy existence will help with its health.

So if you want to know what you can do to keep your cat happy and active, just keep reading to get filled in on what works best:

1. Try Clicker Training

Clicker training is a very common topic for dog owners. But even though it’s not brought up as often in relation to cats, this method can work really well. While it’s most effective with younger cats, it’s possible to successfully introduce this training at any age. In terms of how to maximize the odds of your cat responding well to clicker training, experts recommend using a high-value treat like little pieces of chicken that will definitely get your cat’s attention.

2. Introduce Interactive Toys

Not every cat is going to fully engage with clicker training. However, just trying it out is a great way to stimulate your cat. The same is true for interactive toys. As you probably already know from personal experience, cats can be quite picky with their toys. That’s why you’ll want to try a variety of different ones to see what gets your cat the most excited. Finding a toy that you’re involved with utilizing for play is a great way to bond with your cat. It’s important to note that the one option experts now discourage is laser pointers because of their tendency to make cats quite neurotic.

3. Consider a Companion

If you currently just have one cat in your home, adding a second one can provide your cat with happiness and activity via companionship. That being said, a second cat isn’t a must. In fact, it’s not the right fit for every household. This is a decision that you’ll want to think through in detail before making up your mind either way.

4. The Right Diet

As we’ve mentioned a few times, consistency plays a big role in a cat’s happiness. One of the most consistent things that a cat does is eat. The major impact of what a cat eats on its overall happiness and health is why you want to choose your food wisely. Since this is an issue we’re very passionate about, we encourage you to learn more about why Pet Wants food is the absolute best option for your cat!

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