Pet Wants Franchise To Reach 150 Locations Total by End of 2018

Premium pet food franchise outshines the competition in quality, convenience and customer service

Targeted expansion, improved profitability, a stronger digital presence and new marketing programs are four areas the Pet Wants brand will focus on in 2018, according to President Scott Hoots.

“We have four main goals for 2018,” says Pet Wants President Scott Hoots. “The first is to reach 150 franchises by the end of year, the second is to help franchisees improve profitability, the third is to relaunch our corporate and local franchise websites and the fourth is to provide our franchisees with robust and effective marketing materials to help increase sales.”

Pet wants treats and food

Pet Wants is a premium pet food franchise that offers pet owners an alternative to the made-last-year bagged food that’s been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves. Our premium pet food is manufactured from whole ingredients — there are no by-products in Pet Wants foods — every 30 days and delivered in bulk to the franchisee. The result is a nutrition-rich, delicious food that is better for pets and doesn’t devastate owners’ pocketbooks. With two franchise models available — a mobile delivery model and a retail store model — Pet Wants premium pet food franchise is uniquely poised to take advantage of the explosive demand for nutritious, healthy pet food.

Pet Wants announced its 100th franchise location in fall 2017 which is slated to open in March 2018. In 2018, the franchise plans to reach 150 total locations, Scott says. Aiding this expansion plan are new tools to target demographics where a Pet Wants franchise will thrive and provide maximum profitability for owners. Development efforts will focus on using pet-focused demographics, rather than particular regions, to pinpoint prospective markets. “We are now using pet related demographics to analyze the viability of certain zip codes to make sure our territories are giving our franchisees the best opportunity for success.”

Pet Wants surpasses the competition in three ways

Pet Wants has several differentiators that make it a top choice for discerning pet owners, Scott says. First of all, the freshness of the Pet Wants product sets it apart from the competition in the booming pet food industry. “Our product is made in small batches once a month making Pet Wants the freshest food that you can feet your dog or your cat,” Scott says.

Secondly, Pet Wants offers busy pet owners the convenience of home delivery through the mobile business model.“Pet owners don’t have to take the time to seek out a product, buy it and then lug a heavy bag of pet food out of their vehicle and into their home,” Scott says.

Third, Pet Wants offers a high level of personal service and customer attention that other pet food brands can’t provide. “We are locally owned and operated which provides a higher level of customer service and care. If you order dog food from Amazon, you can’t ask the delivery driver about what food they recommend, whereas with Pet Wants customers are often dealing directly with the franchise owner who themselves is more than likely an animal lover with a sincere passion for pet health and wellness.”

Bring Pet Wants to your community today

You can bring Pet Wants to your community today! Initial investment begins at just
$56,830 for a mobile franchise and ranges up to $191,000 for a retail franchise. For more information, visit our franchise information website, where you can download our free Franchise Information Report or apply to become the next Pet Wants owner.

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