The Best Donations and Gifts to Help Homeless Pets

Dec 06


There are a number of reasons why the holidays are such a special time of the year. One of those reasons is it provides an opportunity to spend some quality time thinking about all the things you’re thankful for. Another part of the season that’s directly related to being thankful is wanting to give back to others. Whether that’s through volunteering, donating or a combination of both, giving back is something that feels really good.

If homeless pets are a group that you’re interested in helping during this season, we want to highlight a few of the best items you can donate to shelters, along with gifts that you can get for people on your list that will directly help the animals who need it the most:

1. Chocolate for a Friend

Did you know that you can give this delicious treat as a gift to someone  and help shelter pets at the same time? Rescue Chocolate and Endangered Species Chocolate are both brands using their delicious treats to do good in the world.

2. Donate Blankets

Of all the items that shelters are in need of the most, blankets tend to be at the top of the list throughout the year. And because this time of the year brings an unfortunate increase in the number of homeless pets, along with colder weather, the need becomes even more pronounced. Donating blankets is a great way to provide comfort to animals when they need it the most.

3. Greeting Cards

Most animal shelters and rescue organizations sell greeting cards. Not only are the cards a cute way to spread holiday cheer, but the majority of proceeds from these sales go directly to supporting the organizations’ missions to help even more animals.

4. Donate in Someone’s Name

If you have any animal lovers on your gift list, making a donation in their name is a great way to both provide a very thoughtful gift and help a cause that they will be very happy to support.

5. Calendars

As with greeting cards, calendars are something that most organizations involved in supporting animal rescue efforts sell during this time of the year. While greeting cards are something that you’ll probably want to supplement with another gift, calendars are a gift that you can easily give on their own. An added benefit of this specific gift is because so many organizations do produce them, you can easily find a calendar that the person you’re giving it to will really enjoy looking at every month.

6. Donate Food

Food is the other item that rescue organizations almost always have at the top of their donation wishlists. If you’re interested in donating food, be sure to contact us through Facebook or Twitter to learn about the food donation programs we offer through our franchises.

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