Dog Behaviors – 6 Common Ones and What They Mean.

Dog Behaviors

Feb 12


Pet Wants knows that anyone who has a dog in their life knows that these animals have very specific dog behaviors. If you have two dogs in your home, you can probably name quite a few noticeable differences between the way they act. Since dogs are very smart and so full of life, it makes sense that they would want to communicate with their owners as often as possible. However, many humans don’t always realize what their dogs are trying to tell them.

Here are six common dog behaviors you’ve likely noticed your dog doing at one time or another, as well as what they really mean:

  1. Not Breaking Eye Contact

There’s a fairly common myth that animals won’t make constant eye contact with humans. But as anyone who’s spent time around a dog knows, that’s definitely not true. It’s actually amazing how long a dog can look into your eyes. What’s nice about this behavior is as long as a dog has a normal expression, staring into your eyes is a way of showing affection.

  1. Raising a Paw in the Air

Although this dog behavior can mean a dog wants to shake if you’ve taught that trick, it can also mean that your dog wants to pounce on prey like a bird!

  1. Bringing You Items

It’s easy to assume that your dog simply wants to play fetch when he or she brings you an item. What’s interesting is this can actually be a sign that your dog is giving you a gift.  Dog behaviors like these stem from dog’s leftover hunting instincts when they would bring dead prey to their pack.

  1. Sitting on Your Feet

There are a few different reasons why your dog may sit on your feet. One is to try and be dominant. Another is a dog may feel separation anxiety and sit on your feet as a source of comfort. It’s also possible for a dog to do this as a result of feeling jealous or possessive. Because these motivations are quite different from each other, fully understanding dog behaviors will depend on your dog’s specific personality.

  1. Staring When You Leave

It can be hard to leave the house when your dog is still there. That’s especially true if your dog is just sitting and staring at you. The good news is as long as they’re doing this calmly, it means they’re not feeling any separation anxiety.

  1. Licking Your Feet

Sitting isn’t the only thing a dog may do to your feet. Plenty of dogs also lick owner’s feet. While this can be done to relieve stress, gather information or look for attention, the most common reason they do it is to show that they’re happily submissive to their owner.

Now that you know what those dog behaviors really mean, you’ll be able to enjoy even better communication with your faithful companion!

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